We sew tilde Fatty. Master class / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

We sew tilde Fatty. Master class / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Author: A splinter It is remarkable that among the long-legged models of tildes there was a place and such a charming doll as a tilde of fatty. A little shy, with pretty lush forms, this doll and begs to be sewn. We hope that with our master class you will easily succeed. tilde fatty

Master Class. Sew a tilde of a fatty

To sew a fat woman, we need:

  • a tan color fabric for the base;
  • fabric for body (cotton, chintz);
  • fabric for a dress (in this master class a flannel is used)
  • lace;
  • narrow braid;
  • filler (sintepon, holofayber);
  • bucced yarn (for hair);
  • black paint on the fabric, blush;
  • thread;
  • pattern.

Operating procedure

  • Since our fat woman will be dressed in a "denim" top, we need to make a blank for the torso and arms. Lay out the pattern and determine the size of the cuts. Sew the flaps among themselves, the stitch is ironed.
  • We transfer the pattern, watching the alignment of the lines of the end of the body on the hands and neck. The leg pattern is transferred as usual to the flax, folded into two leaves. Blanks are sewed along the contour.
  • Cut out details with scalloped scissors andwe turn out. All the blanks are packed tightly with filler. If it is planned that the doll will sit, put a smaller amount in the hips of the filler. We collect the tilde: we sew our legs and hands to the body with a hidden seam.
  • Next, we will dress our doll in an elegant dress with lace cuffs. We transfer the pattern of the dress and panties to the bike. We cut out, taking into account allowances for seams.
  • Sewing lace on the workpiece: on the bottom of the skirt, on the sleeves and neck, as well as on the bottom of the pants. It is convenient to sew on a sewing machine by selecting a zigzag line. Since the bike practically does not crumble, there is no need for additional processing of the edges.
  • The breasts are sewn first on the front and backseams, then, unfolding the workpiece, along the side. We sew the dress over the shoulder and side seams. We dress our bbw, in the chest area we sew a bow of a narrow satin ribbon. It remains to make a doll hair.
  • For the wig we take the bunched yarn andcut it into the same strands. How to do this is described in the master class on sewing doll princess on a pea. Yarns are divided into identical strands of 4-5 threads in each.
  • We take a small string and sew. We do this until until we sew through the entire circumference of the head. We lift the hair up and collect it in an elegant ponytail on the top of the head.
  • It remains to draw our fat one face. Eyes draw, dipping into the paint toothpick or skewer. Blush it with a cotton swab. To our doll is not sad, we give her a rose and hold a photo session.
  • tilde fattyTilda fatty is so cute and sewing it, as you can see, is quite simple. Good luck.