Embroider the beautiful landscape of "Winter Forest" with your hands

Embroider the beautiful landscape of "Winter Forest" with your hands

The embroidery scheme "Winter Forest" is suitableexperienced embroiderers. A beautiful winter landscape requires a lot of time and attention from the needlewoman. The result of the work will be a beautiful picture, reminiscent of the cold beauty of winter. Beautiful landscapes always attract attention, causing each person their own special feelings and personal associations. A special charm is embroidered on the fabric work. For a person who has a good knowledge of cross-stitching techniques, it will not be difficult to please himself and his family with his own picture-panel with a picture of a delightful landscape that will be an ideal addition to the interior of the house. The "Winter Forest" embroidery scheme, proposed by us today, will allow us to recreate the uniqueness and fabulous nature of the winter season. Embroidery scheme In the process of using threadsvarious shades - brown, beige, blue, blue, lilac, gray, green. There are thirty colors in all. To create a picture you will need:

  • white canvas type AIDA (14);
  • threads of the color shades indicated on the diagram (it is best to use a mulina);
  • Embroidery frame;
  • needle for work on embroidery.

The scheme has a size of 228 crosses per 153 crosses. It is necessary to embroider with a full cross. To get started, you need to determine the center of the scheme. You can start embroidery from any edge, from which you will be comfortable. To make the picture really beautiful, it is important to choose the right thread (their density). If the thread is too thin, the image will glow and the finished product will lose its aesthetic appeal. Equally important is the direction of the crosses. Whatever element of the picture you have not embroidered, all the crosses on the canvas must be sewn in one direction. Then the image will be complete. Otherwise, gaps and clumsiness will be seen, which is unacceptable, as well as when embroidering any other picture, drawing or just details of the decoration on clothes. The last condition to be met is the absence of any nodules. Threads are fixed on the back of the fabric with a few simple stitches. Fulfilling all the conditions, you will achieve a wonderful result, and the picture will turn out to be a real masterpiece. At the end of the work, the canvas with the landscape depicted on it must be gently pinched in cool water and ironed from the wrong side. We can assume that the panel is ready. In order to draw it into a full-fledged picture, you will need a frame. In this case, an excellent option would be a simple simple wooden frame, as you can see in the photo. Embroidery scheme An equally interesting option would be carvedframe. The choice depends only on you and that interior, in addition to which this picture will serve. There are so many schemes of landscapes depicting a winter forest. They differ in color, size, complexity. Based on your preferences and skills, you will be able to choose the most optimal option for yourself. The principle of work on embroidery is exactly the same as in the version we proposed. Below in the photo there are several schemes of winter forest embroidery. Embroidery scheme Embroidery scheme Embroidery scheme