We sew the Angel's costume with our own hands. Master classes / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

We sew the Angel's costume with our own hands. Master classes / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

The costume of an angel usually consists of three mainparts: a white dress for a girl (or a long white shirt for a boy), a halo and snow-white wings behind her back. This outfit can be worn on Halloween or New Year's masquerade. But not everyone knows how to make an angel costume with their own hands. angel Let's look at several options, and you, based on the materials available to you, choose how to sew an angel costume for your beloved angel.

Wings of feathers

So that your child can go on a New Year's matinee or a helluin real angel, make him wings of real feathers. They can be borrowed from any poultry farm or grandmother in the village. kostum-angela-mk-10We will need:

  • copper wire in insulated braid - 3 m;
  • a template cut from a newspaper;
  • thin cardboard;
  • white fabric any, but better knitwear - 0.5 m;
  • Glue "Moment";
  • large feathers of white duck or chicken;
  • down feathers;
  • feather boa or rabbit fur;
  • double-sided scotch tape and plain;
  • scissors, pliers.

The order of performance of work Wings of the Angel MK-1 kostum-angela-mk-07 kostum-angela-mk-08

  • We bend the wire around the perimeter of the template using pliers. Start at the base of the wing. Then the remaining ends you can use to attach the wings to the back.
  • Cut out two cardboard wings from the pattern andwe attach them inside the wire frame with the help of an adhesive tape. Then we paste the white fabric (4 blanks) cut from the same side, cut from the same template with the allowance for a 1 cm crochet.
  • We glue down feathers along the perimeter, masking the wire frame.
  • We glue the largest feathers in rows. On them feathers are smaller.
  • The top of the wings is decorated with fluff, closing the tipsupper row of feathers. We glue the boa. If you have pieces of white rabbit fur lying around, consider that his time has come. Wings ready. Do not forget to sew two straps so that the whole design can be put on your back like a backpack.
  • kostum-angela-mk-09

    Foil Wings

    kostum-angela-mk-14With such shiny silvery wings, you will conquer all Helluin. For feathers, you can take the usual metalized inside of the tetra-packets from under the milk, juice or wine. feather from foil kostum-angela-mk-13

  • To cut a pen, you need to fold the workpiece in half and cut out the crescent.
  • Without unfolding, make a fringe.
  • Cut out two wings from a thick cardboard and cover them with "silver" feathers from two sides, starting from the bottom.
  • Fix the wings together with a wire and think of an attachment to the back of your boy.
  • Very simple

    kostum-angela-mk-05I want to impress friends on Halloween, but not allcan collect as much foil, especially since not everyone has access to duck and chicken poultry farms. Now you will learn how to make an angel costume from ... cardboard disposable plates. You will have time to make this suit even if the helluin starts in two hours. It is clear that for this we need a lot of paper plates.

  • Set aside three plates, and on the others draw two symmetrical arcs. Cut the plate over these lines. Mid-roll, the two extreme crescents will be our feathers.
  • Divide the "feathers" into two equal heaps and fold them with two fans as shown in the photo, fixing glue on the edges of the plate.
  • To hide the ugly ends, glue them on top of them a second plate.
  • Glue the two straps and hide their ends under the third plate.
  • wings of plates kostum-angela-mk-02 kostum-angela-mk-03 kostum-angela-mk-04Light angelic wings for your girl are ready, and she can go into them on Halloween.

    Angel Costume Patterns

    Go to Helluin angel can in any suitable dress, even in a nightgown. But if in his wardrobe there is no such "angelic" clothing, we suggest sewing the dress according to the simplest patterns. pattern of an angel shirtSince angels are of different sizes, a patternis given conditionally. You can, for example, on the circumference of the chest calculate the scale and draw curves. With a fabric width of 80-110 cm, you can calculate how much tissue is required: 2 shelf lengths + sleeve length. With a width of 120 cm: the length of the shelf + the length of the sleeve. With a fabric width of 140 cm, you will only need one length of the dress, and the sleeves are cut out from the remainder of the width.


    Well, what kind of an angel without a halo ?! Make it very easy and simple from copper wire. We also need a conventional hair band. halo

  • Do first yourself a halo. Fold it out of the wire, leaving two ends hang on opposite sides. Decorate it with white fluff, if you go to helluin, or tinsel, if you have a New Year party ahead of you.
  • Attach the two ends of the wire to the hoop and mask them with a white tape. That's ready suit for your angel.
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