Sewing Embroidery Machine: types and overview of (photos)

Sewing Embroidery Machine: types and overview of (photos)


The widespread development of innovative technologies foundreflected in the clothing world, enriching it with all sorts of related products and specialized equipment necessary for creativity. Embroiderers with experience knows that when the embroidery of a hobby turns into a professional occupation, sewing and
It becomes simply irreplaceable thing.
Such a machine can not only quickly and easilyspecial efforts to create original and stylish things, but also to embroider the desired product in large enough quantities. This is particularly true of industrial or factory embroidery, where the number of ready-made samples measured in tens of hundreds. We will talk about what is closer to us about sewing and embroidery machine for home use.

Types of sewing and embroidery machines

Sewing and embroidery machine is an example of sewing equipment complex structure, which is used for automatic application of a predetermined pattern on the fabric.
divided into classes, whose name speaks for itself.

  • Household;
  • Half;
  • Industrial.
  • It is important to take a responsible approach to the choice of such equipment, properly defining the criteria for selecting the desired model.

    Selecting embroidery machines

    The modern market specializedEquipment offers a wide variety of model sewing and embroidery machines, which greatly complicates the choice of the desired option, especially when you need a machine for home use. The price range having a very significant fluctuations in the selection process can be decisive, however, it must be remembered that the high prices are consistent with the high quality features and, most importantly, offer unlimited creative possibilities with selected product versatility.
    For novice needle women, only masteringbasic embroidery techniques, is quite suitable sewing machine with embroidery unit having the minimum set of functions. But already experienced embroiderers will appreciate the advantages of the model, with remarkable function computer embroidery, embroidery allows any technique, whether it be a cross, satin stitch or an exquisite cutwork and openwork.
    The level of your skill as a pilot in the selection of skilled workers sewing and embroidery machine will be crucial, as is the implementation of which problem do you expect from this equipment.

    Key features and functions

    There is a great variety of embroidery machines,having different purpose and scope of use, and thus the different possibilities. Some can only be used by professionals, and are designed for day and night use in large factories and workshops. And the other will be an excellent option to work at home, helping to create an interesting and remarkable works, and ready to transform things.
    In addition to creating unique pieces of fabrics, sewing machines provides a number of other possibilities:

    • embroidery on different kinds of tissues with individual approach;
    • embroidered design elements finished products;
    • applying a distinctive label and image in the sports zone;
    • .

    Implementation of all these tasks is made possible through the use of embroidery in the different types of lines:

    • workers;
    • blind stitch;
    • finishing;
    • overlock;
    • decorative.

    Functional specifications
    High quality sewing equipment differentset of embedded functions and the number of realized transactions. For each model, these functions will be modified, but in general they are very similar. Try to figure out what exactly each of them can be useful to us, having familiarized with the basic characteristics of universal sewing and embroidery machine for home use.
    If earlier embroiderers had to performthe entire process manually, modern technology offers the use of human intervention is only at the initial stage: the selection of the sample for embroidery and the introduction of the necessary data to perform operations. The rest - a trick.
    Touch screen device, which is a backlit display, to enter the required parameters and performance of the embroidery process.
    Built-in memory
    In the conventional embroidering, the most commonly usedready sets, with the printed circuit. Some take the scheme from the Internet, transferring it to the fabric. In any case, the sample schema is both a canvas for embroidery, so the desired pattern will repeat a few troublesome.
    Sewing and embroidery machine is good in that it hasbuilt-in memory can store designs made embroidery followed by re-playing. In addition, it can be stored safely creative ideas of their own design embroidery projects.
    Computer equipment This is a very convenient and necessaryfeature that allows you to carry out connection sewing and embroidery machine to your computer through the USB port, if necessary. For example, selecting the desired image on the Internet for embroidery, we can easily and quickly load it into memory machine.
    Embroidery machines are equipped with convenient managementa control panel with direct access to the adjustment of the main parameters. Thus, when necessary in the process we can not only to coordinate the speed of the embroidery, but also the length and stitch width, the total number of stitches, the tension of the thread.
    processing program
    It is by such a program isscaling selected drawing or creating its mirror image. After all, the machine structure is organized in such a way that the device itself automatically determines the boundaries and size of the embroidery.
    But still, the main function of the automated processing of data and program monitoring, periodic verification is laid down with the actual indicators, and automatic adjustment.
    For example:

    • the device knows when to cut the thread automatically, but in case of failure or end of the bobbin thread, triggered the sensor and the sewing machine stops;
    • when an unexpected blackout, the machine will return to the starting point hoop;
    • the ability to edit, will improve some of the features or replace them with new ones;
    • the program automatically determines the size of the hoop on the basis of a predetermined zoom;
    • with it is used to enter and delete unnecessary files.

    Sewing and embroidery machines - the best technique forCreate engaging and exquisite paintings, the implementation of new creative ideas. After all embroidery machine can not only impress, but inspire. Simple embroidery machine, used to work at home, in the right hands, can embroider unique and original design drawings, emphasizing the individual style of the master and his uniqueness. The main thing is to find a model of sewing machine, which is right for you and will be able to realize all your requests, turning a hobby into a real artistic skill, giving joy and aesthetic pleasure.

    Video: example of embroidery on embroidery machine