Shelves from pallets own hands

Shelves from pallets own hands

We bring to your attention several optionsuse of wooden pallets as shelves for the kitchen or living room. Shelves of pallets with their own hands to make quite simply. In some cases, you will only need to clean the pallet and hang it on the wall, for other variations you will have to use tools to cut the pallet. You can put books and photographs, utensils and kitchen utensils, even bottles for wine and glasses, on such self-made shelves!

1. Shelves from pallets with their own hands for the kitchen

Perhaps, in the kitchen the shelves from the pallets will belook the most harmonious, especially if the kitchen interior is made in the style of country or vegetable, and the kitchen itself is in the summer house or at the cottage. Securely attach the pallet to the wall. Mugs can be hung on nailed to the pallet. And to hang the glasses by the foot, cut the bottom shelf of the pallets round holes and cuts to them. You can use a special round nozzle on the drill. Note that the diameter of the hole should be less than the diameter of the round leg of the glass. shelves for kitchen from pallets kitchen shelves from pallets Pallet can be used as a shelf for showcases for beautiful or decorative plates. The hammered nails will hold the plates in place. shelf for plates in the kitchen from the pallet Wooden pallet is also useful as a hanging shelf for pots and pans. Hammer into the tray hooks, for which you can hang pots, plates, mugs and pans. shelves from pallets for pans

2. Shelves from pallets for bottles

For lovers and collectors of good wineThe pallet also offers several options for how to make a wine shelf with your own hands. The first option - screw the wooden or metal slats to the pallet, which will hold the bottles on the shelves. wine shelves from pallets If the pallet has wide strips on the base, simply cut off a piece of the pallet. shelves for bottles from pallets The third option will require more effort. You need to drill a round nozzle hole in the shelves for the neck of the bottle. It is also possible to fill the slats preventing bottles from dropping. shelves made of wooden pallets

3. Shelves of pallets for books and other things in the living room

In the living room, hallway, bedroom or nursery alsoyou can hang shelves from pallets with your own hands. Depending on the style of the interior, the pallets can be renewed and painted beforehand, left in a natural state or even aged. If the interior of the room has elements of Bochko Chic, eclectic, country, rock, loft or Scandinavian styles, then the shelves from the pallets, most likely, will fit very organically. shelves from pallets shelves from pallets shelves from pallets book shelves from pallets book shelves from pallets own hands