Shine of metal: Steel furniture in the interior (46 photos)

Shine of metal: Steel furniture in the interior (46 photos)

More recently, an abundance of metal in the interiorwas associated at all with cold and industrial premises. As you know, fashion is changeable, and now the presence of metal furniture in the interior will not surprise anyone. High-tech style, for example, does not do without the use of such an interior item. Modern design decisions are limited only by your imagination. In order to keep up with fashion, you need to be able to combine various textures, including metal, in the design of each of the rooms of your home. Another reason to add metallic luster to the interior is the strength and reliability of such a material. Any decorative elements and furniture made of steel will last for many years, while maintaining its original appearance. In addition, they are completely unpretentious in leaving. Content

Add steel furniture to the kitchen design

mebel-kuhniKitchen with metal furniture do you still thinkthat ascetic metal furniture was created only for kitchens at catering establishments? Then you urgently need to change your point of view. This design of kitchens is not only practical, but also extremely stylish. Metallic luster in combination with noble wooden facades looks extremely modern. Lovers of classics will no doubt appreciate the combination of bronze furniture and fittings with a wooden kitchen of a deep natural shade. Such an alliance looks expensive and noble, which means it will appeal to even the most picky connoisseurs of luxury. We update the kitchen with chrome elements. You can easily update your usual kitchen by adding cold shine to it. For such purposes, they are perfect:

  • Metal furniture, such as chairs or stools in a futuristic style. You can put a metal desktop, if it allows the kitchen space.
  • Pendant lights. Now there are a huge number of pendant lights that fit into any interior.
  • Roof rails and hanging racks do notonly add zest to your familiar kitchen, but also help to increase storage space. You can choose both chrome and copper roof rails, depending on the main color of the kitchen.

Thirsty for more tangible changes, it is worth consideringover changes to the kitchen wall. Metallized tiles and a metal worktop will come to your aid. You can add such elements without completely changing the kitchen. You can choose the shades based on your preferences. The advantages of this coating are obvious: it is not only fashionable, but also has a long service life, which is important. Active housewives should choose a more matte metal, taking care of it is a complete pleasure.

Steel furniture in the bathroom

Using steel furniture in the bathroomUsing steel furniture in the bathroomUsing this design will be very bold, given the generally accepted style of bathrooms. Try using forged furniture in your bathroom. This option will look great, but it’s not cheap. But now there is a wide selection of racks, stands for sinks, laundry baskets and cabinets for every taste. If the abundance of metal bothers you, but you want to slightly dilute your interior with it, pay attention to the details. You can use the following elements:

  • Forged mirror frame;
  • Legs for the bathroom;
  • Hanger for clothes, as in the hallway;
  • Support for flowers;
  • Candlesticks.

Try to make metalthe elements did not argue with the style of the entire bathroom, but revived it. To do this, it is important to select all the elements in one color scheme and style. Remember that smooth steel harmonizes well with simple furniture, while forged products require the support of more expensive wooden items. Be sure to choose specialized bathroom furniture; in its manufacture, special moisture-resistant impregnation is used. Which will significantly increase its service life.

Shine metal in living rooms

If you managed to get along mentally in such furniturein the bathroom and kitchen, then with living rooms it’s more complicated. The feeling of cold does not leave, it seems that the bedroom or living room will become completely uncomfortable. This is an extremely erroneous opinion, the cold of metal can be smoothed out using details that create coziness: home textiles, upholstered furniture, warm colors, various accessories. For example, place candles on a chest of drawers or a coffee table. Put special soft pillows on the stool seats. In a room full of chrome furniture, place a wide, warm, long-pile rug on the floor. Such decorative elements will soften the overall rigor and coldness. An example of a combination of metal cold and comfort in a bedroomAn example of a combination of metal cold and comfort in a bedroomMetal furniture in the living room. Here you receive guests and gather with the whole family. In this room you spend a lot of time, imperceptibly for yourself. It is steel furniture that will help make the interior impressive and functional. It is important not to forget to balance stylish and cold details with the presence of cozy and warm. Steel furniture will enliven the interiorSteel furniture will enliven the interior. Simple elements of furniture with cold beauty will fit into the interior of any living room:

  • A small chest of drawers will decorate the living room and storage space.
  • Rack. Choose a medium size for small things, or an impressive size - as a replacement for a bookcase.
  • Minimalist chromed computer desk.
  • The TV stand or coffee table is also able to set the right tone in the design.
  • Details: candle holders, coasters, lighting elements, fittings. The use of small interior details allows you to breathe the spirit of modernity into a room without overloading it.

Lovers of aristocratic, expensive design,worth a look at the combination of wooden furniture and forged parts in copper and black. Such a noble combination will create an atmosphere of houses of the European elite of past centuries. Now many manufacturers offer beautiful headsets made entirely of metal with contrasting inserts of stone or wood. Maybe it’s worth the risk, and to acquire just such? The use of metal parts in the bedroomThe bedroom - the most comfortable and secluded place in your home. The interior of the bedroom should be conducive to relaxation and comfort, tuned to a relaxing wave. It would seem that there is definitely no place for the cold shine of metal. But this is only at first glance. In fact, wrought-iron beds have long won the hearts of lovers of luxurious interiors. They fit perfectly into any setting and give the room the required moderate chic. However, if you want to create a high-tech, modern or Swedish minimalism atmosphere in your room, you need to use more steel interior items. The right mood in the room will help you create spectacular little things: unusual lighting fixtures, mirror frames, flower stands. Just imagine what zest will bring such trifles to the general comfort of the room. Fans of bold decisions can note for themselvescoffee tables and bedside tables of unusual style, made of metal, steel clothes hangers, chairs. Just imagine how a combination of such furniture will highlight your bedroom among others. In addition, properly selected such furniture looks incredibly beautiful and expensive, which is a definite plus in its favor. 5 reasons to choose metal furniture for childrenIdeal kids room, what is it? Each parent sees this room in their own way. Now we are talking about the design of a room for children from 4-5 years. It is at this age that children turn their room into a playground. In this room, functionality and safety are important, along with beauty and practicality. Safe and beautiful babySafe and beautiful nursery. So, why should you prefer metal furniture when decorating a nursery:

  • The most important argument is reliability. Such furniture is durable, it is not subject to environmental influences. A steel crib can withstand numerous jumps on it, and a table - spilled paint and water.
  • Such furniture is quite light. This is a definite plus. Even if a child manages to drop something from himself, he will not inflict significant injuries on himself.
  • Practicality. For furniture made of wood and even plastic, proper care is required. Metal furniture in this regard is a godsend. Pay attention to brushed metal or copper furniture and you will not have problems with cleaning.
  • Few people know, but this material is one of the most environmentally friendly, and it is also hygienic. Due to its properties, metal is often used in the production of even cradles for newborns.
  • And finally, children will definitely appreciate the unusual design of furniture that you will not find among wooden and plastic products.
  • As you can see, new proposals by designers havea lot of practical justification. Simplicity, practicality and variety - this is not all the advantages of steel furniture. That is why its popularity is gaining momentum. You can find interesting models even from democratic sellers of furniture and interior items. Update the style of your apartment with benefit. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!