Simple ceramic pendants made from salted dough do it yourself

Simple ceramic pendants made from salted dough do it yourself

In the appearance of these pendants, hardly anyone will determine what they are made of. And it's quite easy to make them. Read on, how to do it! Recipe for salted dough Ingredients:

  • a glass of wheat flour
  • half a cup of shallow salt
  • half a glass of water

You can cook as much dough as you likeyou want. It is important only to observe the proportions: two parts of flour and one part water and fine salt. Do not take a large salt - it does not mix with the dough, as it should. Procedure First, mix salt and flour in a deep bowl. Then add the water in small portions until you feel that the dough has acquired the right consistency, convenient for modeling. How to make a suspension? Step 1. Modeling Roll out the dough with a rolling pin and form the figures as desired - they can be cut with a knife, scissors, roller cutter or molds - for cookies or baby pasochek. Want to learn how to make jewelry from salty dough yourself - read our detailed master-class !. Photo №1 Do not forget to make holes with a toothpick - forTo hang on the string. To make prints on products, you can use any improvised material with a convex pattern. For example, such a wooden tray. Step 2. Baking Bake in a conventional oven (electric or gas) at 250 ° C for two hours. Step 3. Coloring Cool the figures and apply the paint. Even nail polish will do. To make the product look like a black, old silver, on the finished figures you should put a black paint, and then wipe it. In the grooves will be a little paint for the desired effect. You can use napkins for this. If you take dry, more paint will remain, if wet - less. Step 4. Wear it with pleasure! Attach the wire or jewelery rings to the holes on the pendants, and then - hang on ribbons, laces or chains. Seriously, would you have guessed that these ornaments are made of dough? I really like their appearance. As you can see, these pendants are easy to make, without spending any money at all.