Simple decor of cardboard boxes

Simple decor of cardboard boxes

Surely, each of us, after the nextshopping, cardboard boxes remain. Beautifully designed options can also be found in creative stores, but it will be much more profitable and pleasant to create a cardboard box decor with your own hands. The performance of this work is beyond the power of even a professional decorator. Indeed, decorated cardboard boxes perfectly complement the home interior. Content

    Simple decor of cardboard boxes

    Cardboard boxes for shoes, dishes orhousehold appliances - a great thing for storing various pleasant things. However, they do not always have an attractive appearance and look harmoniously in the interior of the room in which they will be located. A similar problem is very easy to solve. The decor of the box will not take much time and effort, and the result will please the eye for more than one year.

    Decoupage Cardboard Box Decor

    There are several ways in which you candecorate even small cardboard boxes. Perhaps the easiest and most popular way is decoupage with napkins. Decorating the box in this way on your own is not difficult. All work is carried out in several stages. First of all, all the necessary tools and materials should be prepared. For the decor of the box you will need: • Cardboard box; • Oil or acrylic paints; • PVA glue; • Decorative napkins with a suitable pattern; • scissors; • Sponge; • Brushes. A cardboard box of any size and shape is suitable for work. In the event that it does not have a perfectly smooth surface, it must be sanded. After that, a layer of paint should be applied to the box. Next, from the prepared napkins, you need to carefully cut out the picture. The finished blank must be attached to the surface of the box and a simple pencil to mark the place where the drawing will be located. Using a sponge, it is necessary to apply a layer of paint on the remaining surface of the box, leaving only the place for the picture intact. Paint should not contrast much. After the box dries, you need to glue a picture on it. If desired, napkins can be pasted over the entire box. Decoupage cardboard boxDecoupage cardboard box

    Wallpaper cardboard box decor

    For the decor of a cardboard box is absolutely suitableany wallpaper. This can be wallpaper on paper, non-woven backing, vinyl or textile. In principle, this does not really matter. A more important factor in this case is the pattern and style of the wallpaper. As glue, you can use any glue wallpaper solution. You can also use good PVA glue. To work, you need to take a piece of wallpaper and lay it on a prepared surface. The box should be installed on the wallpaper and, using a simple pencil, make the necessary markup. Then you need to wrap the side walls of the cardboard box with wallpaper so that there is a slight bend on the inside. Excess wallpaper must be trimmed and you can proceed directly to gluing. First of all, the bottom of the box is glued. Part of the wallpaper designed for pasting the bottom of the box. Then the wallpaper is glued to the side walls of the box. Lastly, glue the sections of wallpaper that are located inside the box. Additional decorative elements can be various beads, artificial flowers, bows, satin ribbons, lace braid and much more. In a similar way, a cardboard box can be decorated with cloth, wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper. Wallpaper boxes decorated with cardboardWallpaper boxes decorated with cardboard Read also:

    Button Cardboard Decor

    Stylish and elegant storage boxjewelry or needlework can happen if you decorate it with buttons. For work you will need: • Cardboard box; • Decorative buttons of different sizes; • varnish spray; • Ruler; • Pencil; • Pattern; • brush; • Acrylic paints; • Clay "Moment". The box must be painted first. The most beneficial for the background will be a dark paint. After painting, the box should dry well. Against a dark background, mother-of-pearl buttons in light shades will look good. About 150 buttons will be needed to decorate a medium-sized box. The pattern of the buttons on the surface of the future box can be any. The simplest and most common are the heart, flowers, zodiac signs, stars, horseshoe. After the pattern is determined, on the surface of the box, using the pattern and compass, it is necessary to apply a drawing. In order for the box to be neat, the pattern must be very even. Now you can start gluing the buttons. Do not apply a large amount of glue to their surface, otherwise the droplets will protrude outward. Buttons should be glued strictly along the drawn outline. After the decor of one of the sides is completed, the box should dry well, and only after that you can continue to work. When the box is ready, its surface should be covered with a layer of varnish-spray. Button Cardboard DecorButton Cardboard Decor

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