A simple master class to create an original topiary that can decorate any interior.

A simple master class to create an original topiary that can decorate any interior.

Topiary (other names - European tree andTree of Happiness) is already a very familiar interior decoration in European floristics. In Russia and CIS countries, topiary only recently gain popularity and begin to win universal love. This fact is explained by the fact that the tree of happiness is a very good solution for those who do not want to burden themselves with care of indoor plants or who are bothered with "standard" compositions in vases. Topiary is a very original composition, which always attracts attention. It is known that even in ancient times, there existed the art of figured cutting of plants. In the gardens of the Roman nobility, you could see intricate figures from trees, the original form that gave the gardeners. The ancient Romans were famous for their gardens and had a special slave who was called topiarius, who maintained a decorative site (topia) in proper condition. Fashion for figured cut hedges revived in the Middle Ages, and during the Italian Renaissance became a craze. Now the topiary art once again became popular in the form of landscape design. And the topiary themselves have acquired a slightly different meaning, however, no less beautiful. I want to pay special attention to the fact that the topiary is also often called the trees of happiness. It is believed that the shape of the tree ball is a kind of "container", a shell of positive energy, which brings happiness to its owner. Therefore, having presented a topiary, you can consider that you gave a piece of happiness to a person dear to you. For work, we will need:

  • Mounting foam, cement or gypsum.
  • Glue. Used to fix small elements of the composition.
  • Paint balloon. With its help, you can give a crown, a stem or a pot any color.
  • Decorative materials.

As decorations for the crown, you can usepaper or artificial flowers, dried flowers, seashells, coffee beans, money bills or coins and other cute little things. The stem can be decorated with rattan, colored paper or thin twine. Also, the stem can not be decorated, but simply painted. A flower pot can be filled with pebbles, shells or coffee beans. With the help of green sisal it is possible to create an imitation of grass. Pay attention, if you decided to make a coffee topiari, the whole composition should be decorated with decorative elements that are related to the same style. The flower pot for fixing the structure is the base in which the crown with the stem will be installed. In this case, a piece of foam or floristic sponge will do. Also suitable construction foam. Doing the topiary at home. Photo №1 Kernel. As a rod, you can use a tube made of cardboard, a stick, a stick or a regular pencil. Doing the topiary at home. Photo # 2 The basis for the crown. The shape of the base for the crown should be made in the form of a ball with a hole at the bottom. You can make it from a Christmas tree toy, plastic baby ball, fabric, construction foam or paper. Creation of Crown Crown decorative composition is most often performed in the form of a ball, but this is not a prerequisite. The base can be made by papier-mache technique, from an oasis for flowers, or you can form a necessary shape with paper and wind it with threads. Do not forget about the hole for the trunk. The trunk itself should be fixed with glue directly in the crown. To connect all the elements it is desirable to use an adhesive gun, PVA construction adhesive or super glue. Doing the topiary at home. Picture №3 Creating a trunk At this stage, to doTopiary New Year's own hands should make a trunk. As a given element, you can use a twig, wand or any other similar element, the main thing is that it should be strong enough. If you give preference to wire, then the barrel can be bent into any shape. As a decor for the trunk, use a twine, tape or string. It is enough to wrap the workpiece or use the paint, so that the semi-finished product has the color you need. Decoration of the pot holder for topiary flower pots, glasses, jars, cups or small vases can be used as a stand. Creating a topiary, the master class is recommended to study in detail. Remember that the diameter of the base should not be less than the diameter of the stand. To decorate the selected stand you can use ribbons, paper, fabric, thick threads. The choice of decor elements directly depends on the style you choose. The most popular is considered to be the topiary of coffee. Fixing the topiary in the stand In this case, it is actual to use any fast-hardening building material - cement, gypsum, alabaster. 1) Prepare a solution of the selected material; 2) Cover the hole at the bottom of the stand, if for this you use a flower pot; 3) Gently fill the prepared container with a solution; 4) Insert the sapling into the formed soil and place it in the center of the pot; 5) Wait until the mixture hardens, and then release the structure. Doing the topiary at home. Photo №4 That's all! Doing the topiary at home. Photo №5