Simple patterns of dresses for beginners. Learning to sew with our own hands

Simple patterns of dresses for beginners. Learning to sew with our own hands

Every girl, a woman always wants to beirresistible, unique, most beautiful and wear such clothes that no one else has. But in the modern world it is very difficult to do this. Since all the shops are full of monotonous dresses. And for the most beautiful sex, as you know, there is nothing more terrible if she sees someone else in that dress. Samples, photographs of dress patterns. Photo №1 There can be only one way out of this situation. It is necessary to learn how to sew for yourself, with your own hands. Then surely no one will find such a dress, and it will be just for you. Many girls are afraid to take up patterns, thinking that this is very, very difficult. However, those who think so, are unequivocally wrong. There is nothing difficult in creating your own wardrobe yourself. A lot of advantages has independent sewing: you save yourself from exhausting shopping trips in search of the things that you even can not imagine, you can yourself think of yourself style of the future masterpiece, choose a material from which to make the dress, choose the coloristic and all sorts of tinsel . Samples, photographs of dress patterns. Photo # 2 Patterns are divided into simple and complex. Beginners are better, of course, to start with the simplest, and then complicate with each time. What is the starting point for making a pattern? Of course, the first thing you should do is measure all the parameters (take measurements). It is necessary to take this stage of work very seriously, since the final result depends on it. Samples, photographs of dress patterns. Picture №3 Also you will need to remember all the drawing lessons in the school. Do not be scared. To get started you will need:

  • pencil;
  • line;
  • paper of suitable size (this could be a paper, a wallpaper sheet, and an ordinary tracing paper).

Before creating a pattern, you needDetermine the model and shape of the future work. For beginners it is better to choose a simple one (for the first time), and if you are already a master in patterning, then even the most difficult pattern will not be difficult for you (for example, a dress with a zipper). And so, it is necessary to take measurements; to measure the chest girth is the most important measurement, to make calculations of the width of the back, armhole and chest. For this purpose, there are special formulas: W = 1 / 8O + 5.5 cm; ШПр = 1 / 8ОГ -1,5cm; ШГ = 1 / 4ОГ - 4cm; ГПр = 1 / 10ОГ + (10,5-12см). What are these designations? We decipher: ШС - width of back, ШПр - width of armhole, ШГ - width of chest, ГПр - depth of armhole, ОО - chest girth. After you draw a sketch on paper, it will need to be cut. Samples, photographs of dress patterns. Photo №4 How to correctly measure:

  • The height of the future product (from the cervical vertebra to the hem of the dress);
  • Half-girth of the chest - (chest circumference divided by 2);
  • Measure the center of the breast - (the distance between the tops of the chest) in your regular bra;
  • The width of the back - (at the middle of the shoulder blades - from hand to hand);
  • The length of the back (from the cervical vertebra to the waist);
  • The length of the shoulder - (from the lateral point at the base of the neck - to the shoulder joint);
  • Half-neck neck - (neck circumference divided by 2) the tape passes at the base of the neck, without squeezing it;
  • Half-girth of hips - (girth of hips divided by 2);
  • Half-girdle of the waist - (waist circumference divided by 2).

Samples, photographs of dress patterns. Photo №5 After the pattern is ready, we translate it tothe cloth. Circle must be shallow or a piece of remnant (dry soap), as the traces of them are very easy to erase, and the pen and pencil will leave traces forever. After carefully cut and sewed. Samples, photographs of dress patterns. Photo №6 The end result will please you. After all, wearing a dress sewn by yourself, with your own hands, is an indescribable pleasure, and also pride. Create your masterpieces, embody your ideas, fantasies, places in reality. Because for girls and women there is nothing impossible. Samples, photographs of dress patterns. Photo №7