Skull of beads: weaving patterns

Skull of beads: weaving patterns


In our life, filled with rules and regulations,At times there is not enough a little insanity, and especially some recklessness. This can only be allowed once a year for the Halloween holiday. On this holiday all adults have fun, like children in a variety of scary costumes. Some needlewomen give in to general fun and in advance come up with various themed ornaments from beads. In this article, you will learn how to weave a skull of beads on the basis of the proposed schemes.

Braiding of skull from beads

Such a skull of beads can be used asPendant, key chain or in the form of other jewelry. The skull represented is very realistic and turns out to be extraordinarily beautiful. This effect is obtained due to a correctly selected combination of round beads and a single-color felling. Choose the main material is very carefully, to avoid any difference in the shade. We suggest you to weave a separate skull and a cross with a stone inside, which, if combined, will look like a pirate skull with bones.

These schemes, which are given in the article, are veryAvailable and detailed depict all the stages of complex and painstaking work. If you are a beginner skilled worker, then you are not recommended to start your activity with a skull, since you risk getting confused in complicated interlacing, which may not end very well. First of all, you need to carefully study the weaving patterns that will be presented in the article. If you thought everything was clear, then get to work.

You should pay attention to pebbles,Which are intertwined in these products. It is better to use transparent stones with a facet, because due to this, they will look more spectacular in the eye sockets of the skull and give it an even more mystical look. It is to Halloween that these souvenirs will come in handy. Even if not every person dares to wear frightening products, but still they should be weaved as an integral attribute of the holiday. But, if you make a skull of white and light beads, it will immediately turn into a kind of mask that will definitely not scare anyone.

If this accessory is made in the form of a keychain,Then we recommend that you purchase a special metal ring on the chain. For the pendant, you will also need a loop. Much better if you use a quality Czech beads in your work, as there is a certainty that it will look the same in size and shape. In another case, using a non-quality Chinese beads, you risk that the skull is simply distorted and twisted. Then it will no longer look like on the presented photo.

For those who want to make the skull in a simpleWe suggest you embroider earrings with such an image. You can draw a diagram for this yourself. And then on this sketch to make embroidery. To work, you still need cardboard, felt, a small cut of genuine leather and shvenzy with a connecting ring. Such a simple decoration can be done in just a few hours. But, what impression will they make on others on the Halloween holiday!

Plaits for weaving

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