Snail tilda own hands, master class, video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Snail tilda own hands, master class, video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Simplicity of the larvae of the snail in the tildetouches anyone. Children will be playing with snowmobiles, she will serve as an adorable adornment for the adult. The tilde snail is sewn so simply that every beginner and even a child who has elementary sewing skills will cope with this. The article is waiting for detailed master classes for the creation of such toys with a different decor.

Which materials are suitable

Before you start, you must prepare allmaterials. First, what you need to decide is the fabric for the base. The best options are natural options: cotton or linen. It is possible to use cotton, cambric, sometimes felt. If the fabric is thin, so long as the toy is better kept in shape, it is preferable to paste the doublerine (or non-woven fabric) with the iron on the side of the iron. This thin material is lining, makes the fabric stronger, does not stretch it. Note that if the body or other elements of the cochlea are light, tudublerin is only needed white or milky shade (dark shine). The tilde snail may be in any color gamut, depending on how it is sewn. If you want to make a toy in natural colors, then choose the skin color of the stem. It is possible to tint coffee or tea to give a warmer shade. The shell in this case should be made with a light pink, blue or green fabric, decorating it with a flower, heart or other element. There are little houses: a piece of crochet, a cage, a strip, a flower, etc. Decorate with lace, ribbons, buttons, beads or whatever can be found in grandmother's chests, if you choose, for example, a vintage style. Dream and think of your unique toy. Akak sew a snail tilde, the master class will tell below.

Snail with a heart

This lovely guest will bring your interior love and joy to our shell. Avce because it is symbolically decorated with a decorative heart made of woven fabrics. What will it take to work:

  • Any cotton fabric of different colors for the body and the shell;
  • material for packing - sintepon or holofayber;
  • threads of the second, scissors, needles;
  • sewing pins;
  • stick for stuffing a getter (you can use a pencil);
  • beads, pearls, buttons;
  • ribbons, braid, lace;
  • blush or pencil to draw cheeks (for tildes they are characteristic).

Workflow First you need to print out a patternsnails of tilde in natural size. If you want a smaller size or, conversely, more, you can change the scale when printing in the printer settings. But if there is nowhere to print, then just attach a piece of paper to the komonitor and copy the pattern. Again, if you need a different size, play with a scale by typing "Ctrl" and "+". snail pattern

  • Cut out the blanks and place their cloths,folded in half. Circle the pattern, then cut out the details with the allowance of our allowance, 0.5-1 cm. Fasten the sewing pins with each other with each other (or sweep them), then sew the sewing machine with the sewing thread (step 1.6-1.8). If this is not possible, then simply sew all manually by stitching the "back needle". Do not forget to leave the hole for stuffing.
  • Trim the excess fabric of the work pieces, leavingthe seam contour is 0.3-0.4 cm. In the areas of curvature or bends, small incisions should always be made, so that after unfolding the fabric is unbent. After this, the workpieces should be turned out and thoroughly ironed.
  • Fill the body with the shell of the snail. Do this gradually, promoting the sintepon with a stick, but to keep the fabric undamaged. Next, you need to close the hole in the body with a hidden seam, sew the arabic from above (also in a secret way). To place the fastening was invisible, it is better to decorate it with ribbon or lace. It remains to draw a snail's eyes and a blush.
  • Noonazhe bears love in love! Therefore, you need to sew a heart. You can take a tissue in the color of the trunk or other, but a harmonious sigruchka. Then make a pattern. For this, bend a sheet of paper in half and draw half the heart. Cut and apply to the material folded in half. Sew the machine, leaving a hole on top about 3cm for packing. Cut out the contour by retracting the 0.3-0.4 cm offset. Turn the part and press. Then fill with filler and before sewing a hole, at the top insert a loop of a lace or a narrow ribbon. Sew it and hold on to it, fix the adornment with two or three stitches. Instead of the heart, you can make a flower: tilde snailVideo masterclass The video suggests a variant of sewing a snail with a big rose on the sink. Such a thing can become a gift on March 8.

    Snail Sheep Shekby Chic

    A little more laborious is the optionmaking a tilde of a snail of a vernacular style with a cheeky chic. This trend combines the simplicity of refinement, old and modern, and reminds of the Victorian era and is translated literally as "shabby chic". The character of this style will be given to the toy by wicker lace, ruches, wooden decor, pastel shades, discreet quiet patterns of the fabric. Let's sew a couple of unusual snails in the icicle for the sleep with the burning of the cushions. ancient snail Shebi chic style Shebbie Chic in Green TonesMaterials that will be needed:

    • Cotton cloth with various patterns-4 cut;
    • satin ribbons, braid;
    • tatting;
    • ruche isorgans;
    • wooden beads, buttons;
    • sequins, pearls, flowers;
    • Threads, scissors, sewing pins;
    • filler-sintepon;
    • blush, black acrylic paints.

    General course of work

  • Pattern of the very basis of snails (bodies of the caviar)is the same for any toy. Therefore, you can take it from the previous master class. Sewing of blanks occurs also. The only difference is in the choice and choice of the color solution. The shell is adorned together by docking with ruffles, and in other places by woven lace.
  • After the snails themselves are ready, you canto start sewing headwear. For one, you need to find a hood, the other is the cap (this is the usual circle). For the hood you need two parts that are sewn together with each other, the achepets will be single-layered.
  • For each headdress, you must manually embroider the ruche isorgans. Auchechika near the seam to sweep, a bit to pull the thread and pick a hat. Lock with an unobtrusive knot.
  • To shape, both headgearit is necessary to fill it gently with a sintepon, and then sew it with the secret seam of every snail. The bonnet can be decorated with a thin satin ribbon, tying an eenobank. Another snail of a bow can be tied and stitched, then later put on the cap. So it will be more fun.
  • Each toy carries a sink severalpillows. To sew these sleeping accessories, you need to prepare a white and colorful fabric. The cobbled material, folded in half, it is necessary to cut four pads about the size of 65 to 45 mm and even four 45 to 35 mm.
  • A color fabric will result in four pillows 45a55mm. Total posh pillows for each snail. Then you have to sew all the parts so that there is room for turning. Next, iron out the pads with a sintepon.
  • Close all holes with a hidden seam. The upper lap is sewn with a ribbon of thin lace. On top of some cushions sew on the braid. The order of decreasing the number of descending to add to the pillow is one to scribe one another, and then, in a secret way, attach the snail snake to two places.
  • If desired, you can sew a small heart on the same diggers, as indicated in the previous master class, only a small size. Decorate it with a bow of an embroidery cord or a thin ribbon.
  • It remains to sew beads and cuffs, as if the toys are going naklesski. Draw traditional eyes and blush.
  • Pendants are in the middle of a cheeky chic ready! How to invent, they just woke up or are going to have a sweet sleep? Video-lesson for sewing toys

    Other ideas

    Any such toy is made in one and the same pattern. The difference is only in the style of the decor, depending on the style chosen. Sewn and snail-snails sail a lifeline. sea ​​tilde snailIt is possible to make the cochlea mamma a smalch, which comfortably settled on the top of the sink in the iniquity. snail with babyThey decorate toys not only with hearts, but with large flowers, dragonflies and other elements like our taste. snail with roses Avot snails with swallows, like a master class above,often used as a needle-ikrasivo, and comfortable. In order for the toys to stand securely on the surface, they are glued to the small oblong plates that serve as supports. Then a funny snail can decorate any corner of your house!