Snowflakes embroidery cross schemes with a description of the work

Snowflakes embroidery cross schemes with a description of the work


Cross stitch - this amazing crafts,which brings embroiderers aesthetic pleasure and peace in the process. How nice to watch, when a small stitch in the form of a cross, begins to form the whole picture. Embroidering a few schemes, you will be a fan of this skill ever. Continuing the theme of cross stitch, we offer you and your children to explore simple circuits embroidery snowflakes. These images do not necessarily create only on New Year's holidays, they embroider on home textiles at any time.

Embroidered snowflakes in home interior

snowflakes schemes are so varied, that amonga huge number of them, you will not find two identical. Due to the fact that many-sided snowflakes and beautiful, they are very fond of embroidery cross needlewoman well as floral arrangements. They decorate small pillows intended for the couch, painting, zigugu Pincushion. Also embroidered snowflakes on clothes and diverse textiles, such as tablecloths, napkins and curtains. If used in different colored floss, not only white and blue, then the result of the embroidery will look much prettier.

And if you show your imagination and combinesnowflakes in a beautiful picture, it can be embroidered with a cross Here is an interesting tree that shown in the photo, along with embroidery pattern. These embroidered snowflakes white floss which slazhivayutsya twice. Canvas must be of any contrasting color. For example, blue, gray, green or beige.

Christmas snowflake embroidery

Christmas gifts, hand made,much more will delight your loved ones than store bought. It may be cooking pot holders with embroidered snowflakes or handkerchiefs with the same image. You can simply buy socks without a pattern, and sew them yourself some exposure. The main thing is that this work will not take much of your time, it's so easy to do. For example, there is a scheme in which you can embroider beautiful snowflakes on clothing. Cross stitch cuffs on the sleeves and collar edge. Simple winter sweater and perfectly decorate placers snowflakes. The main thing to think in advance at what distance will be snowflakes from each other, any shape and size.

The process of embroidering

Once you have chosen the rightsnowflake schema, drag it onto the canvas, and then insert the fabric in the hoop. The colors of thread floss use, depending on the outline color. Simply put, what color you like, so and embroider. Do not limit yourself to the standard shades. Calculate what the length is sewn stripes. Next, start to make the first stitch on the scheme so that they all were located diagonally. Now come back and perform another band, also diagonally. As a result, you get the first row in the technique of the cross.
Thus, the following continue to embroiderseries and check mandatory for the selected template. When you're done with one color thread you can proceed to the next color. Embroidery should begin in the middle of the canvas, gradually moving to the edge. Stitch, which closes a number, it must lie in the direction always in the same direction.
If you choose to run a thick cloth, thenbest embroidery technique "forward needle" or chain stitch. The tambour seam, all the stitches should be directed from the center. It is important to observe this law, or cross stitch will not look carefully, but the flaws will be immediately evident. If snowflakes stitch scheme will be carried out on a thin canvas, in this case, it is appropriate to make the stitches in the art "back needle" and the thread color is best to use one.
On the wrong side of the base material is attachedunder the stitches already embroidered band. For those who decided to embroider a snowflake on the clothes, it is better to use more canvas. Connect to this occupation can be your child. After all, children snowflakes associated with the onset of winter and New Year holidays. Therefore, they are sure to enjoy needlework so cross.

snowflakes schemes in cross technique