Snowflakes origami with their own hands, how to make out modules / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Snowflakes origami with their own hands, how to make out modules / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Snowflakes are amazing creations of nature. Absolutely symmetrical in six axes, like a crystal of frozen water. And never repeating forms! Let's try to adhere to the Creator's genius and make something like that out of paper.

A simple volumetric snowflake

The easiest way to make New Year's snowflakes with their own hands is from identical fragments made of paper. 16 fragments are placed in a circle and a symmetrical rose is ready.

  • Take 16 identical square sheets of thin paper. Fold them in half along the diagonals, the horizontal and the vertical, indicating the fold lines.

A simple volumetric snowflake

  • Wrap the two corners to the center.

Simple three-dimensional snowflake-2

  • Choose one of the remaining two corners and designate it as the center of the snowflake. Wrap it from the edge of the diamond to the middle, as shown in the photo. It turned out to be a feather, a segment of a snowflake made of paper.

Simple three-dimensional snowflake-3

  • Such feathers should be made 16 and put them into their own hands in a circle, gluing a droplet of PVA between them.

Simple three-dimensional snowflake-4

  • Here we have such a three-dimensional snowflake without a circuit.

Simple three-dimensional snowflake-5

  • Christmas snowflakes can be made even more interesting if you use 8 large feathers and 8 small ones.

Simple three-dimensional snowflake-6

Snowflake from origami modules

Let's first repeat how to make modulesown hands. It's not difficult at all. Cut many, many identical small pieces of paper and fold them as shown in the photo. Surprisingly, the origami snowflakes look quite like real ones, the same cold and prickly. The order of the work

  • We begin to make a snowflake with our own hands from the manufacture of modules. Place 12 pieces of paper that have been folded in a certain way into a circle.

Snowflake from origami modules

  • Connect them together with one more circle of modules.

Snowflake from origami-2 modules

  • At us the circle, modular origami of a birth of a snowflake has turned out.

Snowflake from origami-3 modules

  • We insert on each second module two. For clarity, we use red paper modules.

Snowflake from Origami-4 modules

  • Connect them together with one more fragment. In our photo it is yellow.

Snowflake from Origami-5 modules

  • We need to make our snowflake bigger, so repeat: two red modules to yellow, then one yellow and again two and one.

Snowflake from Origami-6 modules

  • That's how a part of the snowflake should look like, if we started making it from white paper.

Snowflake from Origami-7 modules

  • But such a snowflake will turn out, when we finish with our own hands all of its rays.

Snowflake from origami-8 modules Snowflake from Origami-9 modules Snowflake from origami-10 modules


Making snowflakes is simple and interesting. It is enough to find suitable fragments that are easy to duplicate and put together in a circle, and you will get an original unlike a snowflake. Which is completely justified. It is proved that there are no identical snowflakes. Snowflake-chamomileWe make an original snowflake. Cut many identical strips of colored paper. And glue them as shown in the photo. It remains to make a loop of thread and hang a snowflake daisy on the tree. Snowflake-chamomile-2

Volumetric snowflake

The scheme of its manufacture is complicated, although it is very simple to make this paper miracle. Therefore, it will be clearer to get a master class by viewing the video. Look at similar master classes: