Crochet snowman

Crochet snowman

Crochet snowman crochet snowman is topicalgift on the eve of the new year. A toy on the Christmas tree, a souvenir or a rattle for the baby, all this is a crochet snowman. In this lesson we will consider a very simple and effective way to please yourself and loved ones. About children in general should be said separately! ? Such a toy will greatly delight the baby and become a friend for all the New Year holidays.

Crochet snowman as a toy

You can easily turn decorativetoy in a useful baby for the development of a rattle. I will explain the principle of knitting and you will be able to knit a snowman of any size on your own! Imagine a big snowman meeting everyone at the entrance! ? At the heart of knitting a snowman, only two main methods are used: and. You can use only one way, and you can combine. Getting started! ? 1. The initial loop on the hook 2. Recruit three air loops. Chain of three air loops closes in a circle 3. First row. Air lift loop 4. We knit 6 posts without nakid in the center of the formed circle 5. We close with the help of the vertex or. Here it is not so important and how you like it better, so knit it! ? 6. Second row. We continue to knit in accordance with the rules of the circle. Lifting to the next row with one air loop 7. The second row we knit in two columns in one loop of the previous row. 8. Closing with a connecting column. But here already watch the connection. If in the first row we connected to the top of the first column, then the second closes the same way. If you are locked into an airy lifting loop, then it is counted as a column and above it in the second row we also knit two columns without a single crochet. And the connection in this case will again in the air loop 9. In the third row, we are already knitting alternating one column without single crochet and two columns into one loop. With each new row, the number of bars between the increments will increase 10. Now we will knit a snowman's head. The more rows in the main lap, the greater the snowman. Four rows are enough for my snowman, and how many rows you need for your snowman! ? eleven. To create a rounded shape, we continue to knit in straight rows, and I advise you to go to. To do this, in the first straight row (row without increments) we do not make connections at the end, but continue to knit to the top of the first post or climb. Mark the first straight row with or threads. The number of straight rows must be equal to or slightly larger than the number of rows of the initial circle. If you make an equal amount, you get a shape tending to the circle, if more, then slightly elongated. I have 4 rows for a circle, I also connected 4 rows in straight rows 12. After straight rows, we need to narrow the head to go to the neck. To do this, begin to knit the rows inverse to the rows of the circle. That is, I have 4 rows connected. For the fourth row, I alternated one crochet alternately in a column with a single crochet into two consecutive loops and an increase of two bars into one loop. Now, I will knit this way: on the pillar, without crochet, into two successive loops and a subtraction - two columns tied together. So I need to knit one row. You can track where a row ends with spiral knitting using a marker or thread 13. This is what a contraction will look like. Please note that I used a smaller hook for tying down rows. There was a 2.5 mm hook, and now 2 mm. This trick will help you avoid big holes. 14. When the hole is narrowed enough, it’s time to stop and fill the toy. 15. I fill a snowman with a padding polyester. I just buy pieces of a sintepon and nadirayu it in small pieces, and this stuffed toys. So it turns out very carefully, without ugly seals. You can also fill holofiber. Cotton can only be filled with a Christmas tree decoration.

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