Soap for Valentine's Day: master class

Soap for Valentine's Day: master class

Soap for Valentine's Day Many people are interested in manufacturing today; butVery soon, homemade sticks want to somehow diversify, to make them not only useful and enjoyable to use, but also a small piece of art. How to make soap with a heart resembling caramel, told and shown in our master class. This will be a great gift and a loved one for Valentine's Day, and a colleague, and even yourself, beloved. Moreover, the holiday is very close!

For the manufacture of soap for Valentine's Day will need the following tools and materials:

- soap base of two types - white and transparent;- base oil - apricot; - dyes - red, yellow, crimson; - fragrance - fragrance DKNY; - white sparkles; - a glass and a stick from heat-resistant glass; - mold in the form of a heart, silicone; - mold plastic, oval. Materials and tools

Soap for Valentine's Day "Sweethearts": description of work

The white base is cut into small cubes and placed in a glass. White base Further, this basis must be converted to a liquid state. To do this, we melt it in a water bath. We put the glass in a dipper with water. Melt the white base Add a dye to the liquid base - 1 drop of red and 1 drop of crimson to obtain a delicate pink shade. Also at this stage, add the base oil (a few drops) and flavoring. Tint the melted base Fill the base in the form of a heart. After the base hardens a little, remove the mold with soap in the fridge. After 5-7 minutes, the mold can be taken out and squeezed the finished soap gently out of it. Ready soap heart Next, take already more basics (to fill half of the mold). Grind it into cubes and place in a glass. Cut another base We also heat the base in a water bath. Make sure that the water in the scoop does not boil, and the water itself was enough - for this, periodically pour a little more water into the scoop. Melt Add yellow dye to get rich yellow color. We also add flavoring and base oil to the already yellow soap. When the yellow soap base hardens, put a heart on it. A layer of soap in the mold Impose heart Again, we melt the white base, for this we initially cut it into cubes. We cut Then melt in a water bath. Now you need a very small amount of the basics. Melt Add 1 drop of red and a few drops of raspberry dye to obtain a saturated lingonberry color. We paint in saturated color Pour the liquid base with a puddle on the table. Prior to this, the table must be wiped and remove all contamination so that they do not fall into the soap. Pour a puddle After the puddle hardens, cut it into strips. Cut into strips Carefully separate the stripes from the surface of the table. Remove the strip from the table Twist the stripes curls. We roll into tight rolls We lay curls near the heart. We lay rolls near the heart Sprinkle reliefs with sparkles. Add glitter The final stage is the preparation of the second main layer of soap. We take for this a transparent base and cut it into small cubes. Transparent base Also melt it in a water bath and get a liquid base for soap. Melt On the tip of the tip of the dye create a smallWe take a droplet and a very small amount from this droplet onto a glass rod. Add this dye on a stick to the liquid base and mix. Dye take crimson. It turns a soft pink hue. This is necessary in order to see the contents of the transparent layer (heart and curlicues). Lightly tint Fill the pinkish soap form to the brim. When pouring, pay special attention to the curlicues and make sure that the soap gets into all the air spaces between them, so that there are no air bubbles in the finished soap. Fill the final layer Give the base a little cool, and then remove the mold in the refrigerator. After 10-15 minutes you can get the soap and gently remove it from the molds. It turned out this: Soap for Valentine's Day Layers of soap Ready soap is best wrap cling filmso that the front side of the film was imperceptible. Store the finished soap should be in a dry place without access to direct sunlight. The shelf life of such a soap is usually about 6 months. Lilia Lomakina (Lilianochka) specifically for the site Master classes in needlework Previous article: Next article: