Soft toy octopus with your hands, patterns, master class / Toys with your hands, patterns, video, MK

Soft toy octopus with your hands, patterns, master class / Toys with your hands, patterns, video, MK

This toy can be made by own handseven a child of five - eight years, if, of course, you show him how to do it, and give the material. Moreover, a soft toy octopus is recognizable in any form, if it has a head with eyes and as many legs as you like.


We need:

  • square flap of monophonic tissue, it is better that it does not "pour" untreated edges: fleece, thin felt, drape and so on;
  • a small ball, a ball, a bundle of unnecessary threads, or a piece of foam to fill the head;
  • scissors;
  • beautiful thin braid;
  • "eyes";
  • a small scarf made of colored fabric.

Sequence of work execution

  • Determine the middle of the square flap andPut on this place a ball or a skein of unnecessary threads ("brain" or what will become the insides of the head). Squeeze the ends and mark the neck line with chalk or a felt-tip pen.


  • Unfold the fabric, straighten it and cutFringe from all four sides of 6 strips on each side, not crossing the line of "neck". Try to make them equal in width. You should have a small square with brushes.


  • Again, put in the octopus "brains" and pull the "neck" with a strong thread. You can tie a scarf or a bow tie.
  • Straighten the fringe with scissors.


  • Bite tight braids, tying them on the end with braid tape.


  • Glue or sew "eyes," draw a smile with a felt-tip pen and tie a kerchief.


Out of thread

The same charming octopus with pigtailscan be made from thick threads. It is better to use synthetic yarn or cotton with synthetics. It perfectly holds the shape and volume. The technique of making toys is shown in the video clip. A few additional tips

  • Instead of a newspaper lump, you can use a plasticine ball or a kinder-surprise package.
  • To the threads do not disperse on the head of the octopus, you can slightly lubricate the filler with PVA glue.
  • To accurately calculate the number of legs, you canmake a simple multiplication of 15 cm (length of an octopus) x 3 (number of strands in a string) x 3 (number of braces in a spit) x 8 (braid amount) = 1080 cm. So, take a bundle of 9 threads of 120 cm and fold it in half three times.

Very simple

This toy can easily do even the mostlittle master. Give the kid a handkerchief or a square flap of cloth, slightly carved on the sides (as in the photo), and a small ball of anything: fabric, foam rubber, crumpled newspaper, ball and so on. Let the child himself throw a cloth on the ball and tie the braid on the "neck" of the octopus. Eyes paint or glue together. very simple

Octopus from the sock


  • two old sock, can be different;
  • any filler;
  • Wooden spoke;
  • scissors;
  • thread, needle;
  • a felt-tip pen.

Master class for making octopus from socks

  • Take two sock and draw lines on them.future cuts. From the toe to the middle of the foot one of the socks will be the head of the toy. From the heel to the elastic band, we divide each sock into 4 parts along. It will be tentacles.

Octopus from the sock

  • We cut out the details of the toy.

Octopus from sock-2

  • We pierce our legs, leaving them unmade, on the one hand, and we turn them out.

Octopus from sock-3

  • Fill with a wooden knitting needle all the details of the sintepon. Carefully sew all the holes.

Octopus from sock-4

  • Sew the tentacles to the head and tighten the "neck". Draw a face. The toy is ready.

Octopus from sock-5

From the glove

This version of sea mollusk assumes, like 4 legs, and 8. It all depends on how many gloves you do not feel sorry to use in work. Moreover, gloves need not necessarily be the same.

  • Hide one thumb and gentlysew a trace from it. Wrap the rubber band inside. Fill the 4 remaining fingers and the glove itself with a filler and sew up the top. For greater credibility, you can slightly pull off the glove at the base of the fingers. Sew eye-buttons, designate the mouth. The four-legged octopus is ready.

From the glove

  • A toy made of two gloves becomes a little more complicated. And also remove one thumb inside and mask his stay. We make an incision at the base of the fingers in a hollow glove and put it inside the friend, leaving 4 fingers on the street. We fill all 8 fingers with a sintepon, we sew them at the base, while closing the slot. Fill the double glove with a filler, after having tucked the elastic band. Sew up and make out the face.

From the glove-2

Doctor octopus

Doctor Otto Guenther Octavius ​​- supervillain, starcomics, cartoons and television series has recently become a favorite toy for our children. The doctor has his own biography, his personal and social life. Make it difficult, but possible. We offer several options. Doctor octopus

  • Doctor-villain from the designer of the Lego, such as in the photo.
  • Doctor octopus from an ordinary doll with four tentacles pasted to the back from improvised materials: polymer clay, boiler tubes, threaded wire, etc.
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