Solomon's knot

Solomon's knot

Solomon's knot Solomon's knot - simple, but verybeautiful. If you want to tie a tippet, but you can’t decide which pattern, stop at the Solomon knot pattern. Its undoubted advantage is the speed of execution. Literally, each new eyelet appears before our eyes, and another one is behind it ... And now you are holding a very beautiful and very interesting canvas in your hands.

Solomon's knot can tie a lot

With it, you can get the mostvarious products. It is not necessary to perform all the work only with a Solomon knot, it is interesting to combine several patterns that would complement each other harmoniously. Solomon knot itself is a very airy and extremely unstable pattern. It can be stretched and compressed when worn. This is also not unimportant factor. The more loops themselves of which the pattern consists, the less stable it is. These characteristics must be considered when selecting a pattern for a specific product. Accidentally appeared on this page! Fill out the form below and get these lessons on your mail! GIFT subscribing - book "Openwork cap."