How to carve a rag doll, you will learn from the material in this article and be able to do it yourself

How to carve a rag doll, you will learn from the material in this article and be able to do it yourself

How to carve a rag doll want to learn manyneedlewomen. Both experienced masters and beginners are willing to try their hand at making these toys with their own hands. Especially the question is relevant for those who have small children in the house. In this article, we will try to talk about how to make a rag doll yourself. The doll is considered to be one of the most famous and favorite toys for girls. She takes part in the development of the child. With the help of a doll, in the form of a game, you can teach the child parts of the body and objects of clothing. Thanks to this technique, children remember everything much faster. It is important to note that rag dolls have long been considered amulets. A doll must be without a soul, that is, without a face, in order to avoid any evil forces. How to carve a rag doll. Photo №1 Such dolls-amulets were made almost ineach family. They were made from anything, literally from what was at hand handymen. For example, the remains of old fabrics, straw, moss, dry grass, tree branches and other equally interesting materials. Each product was special, it had its own functions. A doll with ten hands, as a rule, was given to a young wife so that she could do all her homework. A doll named "Fertility" brought wealth to the family. Well, the "goat" was made on the eve of the brightest Christmas holiday, she was responsible for prosperity. Traditions in charge of creating rag dolls have survived to this day. They practically did not change. Now it can serve as a wonderful toy for the child, decoration or addition to the interior of your house, a gift for your loved ones. Any of you can make this doll. After all, the main thing is desire. If you decide to make a doll that will play the role of a toy for your child, then you clearly need to realize that it is worth investing all the best qualities. How to carve a rag doll. Photo # 2 For work you will need:

  • two types of fabric (plain fabric and printed cloth);
  • Threads that coincide with the basic tone of the fabric; A needle if you sew by hand;
  • scissors;
  • paper for the pattern;
  • thick thread for knitting (hair for a doll);
  • any material with which you can fill the product (cotton wool, sintepon, etc.);
  • various decor elements (beads, pebbles, buttons, ribbons, etc.)

I advise you to take responsibility for choosing a fabric. It is recommended to use natural fabrics. For example, a calico or coarse calico. Of course, you can use artificial material. The main thing is that it does not pour and do not stretch after some time. Choose a fabric of light, natural shades. Ideally, the color of the fabric should be similar to the color of the skin. Then your doll will look as realistic as possible. If you can not find the right color, you can dye the fabric with tea, food coloring, which is quite large on the store shelves. It is not difficult at all to color matter with tea. Brew strong tea in a deep bowl. Lower the fabric for 20 minutes. Then take it out, squeeze it well. Spread on a flat surface for complete drying. Also, you can paint with coffee. The technology is still the same. Only the color turns out to be more saturated and the fabric keeps the smell of this wonderful drink for a long time. So, let's start, directly, to work. Now you need to draw a paper layout pattern. You can do it yourself on a regular A4 size sheet. How to carve a rag doll. Picture №3 Cut out all the elements of the pattern, after whichshould be transferred to the fabric. Cut out the handles and legs, trunk and head. After that, cut out the torso. Leave small allowances on the seams, approximately one centimeter. If you want your future doll was not with bare legs, but in boots, then use several colors when cutting the legs. How to carve a rag doll. Photo №4 Fold your legs and hands together. The front side must be inside. Then gently sew. This can be done both with a sewing machine and manually. As you please. All that you have time to flash, turn and fill with filling material. As already mentioned, it can be cotton wool, sintepon, foam rubber and so on. Then connect the head with the body. Leave two small holes for hands and feet. Also, you need one more hole from above so that you can fill the stuffing with a cut and sewn figure. Now turn out the existing workpiece. Stitch your legs and arms to your torso. The upper hole left earlier, fill with filling material. After that, sew a neat secret seam. How to carve a rag doll. Photo №5 After this, it's time to start creating a hairstyle. How to carve a rag doll. Photo №6 For this work you will need thick threadsfor knitting. Color does not matter. The main thing is that the threads are monophonic. Then take a thin board, wrap threads around it. After removing the skein and cut it from one side. Next, the hair that you have turned out, sew in the center. To do this, you need to take a cloth of a similar tone. It remains very little - to sew the hair to the head. The main distinguishing feature of such dolls is the absence of a face. They do not have a peephole and a mouth, as in ordinary pupae. But if you do not protect, namely a toy, such details do not interfere, and you can easily add them. Pattern can be made independently, what you only want. The size of the doll will depend only on your desire. So, we figured out how to carve a rag doll. I hope you will not have problems during the creative process.