How to make a summer baby hat at home. A step-by-step instruction for knitting a baby cap with your own hands.

How to make a summer baby hat at home. A step-by-step instruction for knitting a baby cap with your own hands.

Every parent wants to protect his babyfrom everything that is possible. Summer sun is no exception. The first thing that comes to mind is Panama, that's what can save the baby from sunstroke. And this is true, but we must understand that not every panama can protect a child, moreover, synthetic headgear can not only not protect, but also harm the baby, because they create a kind of "greenhouse effect" for the head of your child. In this article we will help to unleash the problem with the choice of the headdress for the baby. Woven baby cap is made by own hands is not only very useful, but also very profitable option. In order to connect a low-quality and high-quality summer baby hat you need: • Yarn made from natural ingredients (cotton) • Knitting needles and a crochet hook

We take measurements.

First, you need to take measurements from the child,to whom you are knitting this hat. They need to be removed from two parts of the head: the length of the circumference of the baby's head and the distance from the ear to the top. Now you must decide on the pattern. If you came up with it yourself, then it's best to draw it right on a piece of paper, so that in the process of knitting, you could look at it and the drawings on the cap were identical. If you are new to the knitting field, it's better to take someone's pattern for example. For the first time, it is better to take a pattern that is not complicated, for example - "wave", the standard report of this pattern is three to four centimeters. If you knit a hat for a child from one to three years, the length of the circumference of the child's head is approximately forty-forty-five centimeters (about one hundred loops). But we remind you that if you sew a summer cap for a particular child, it's better to take measurements, since the bezel's bezel should not be very tight. He should just keep a knitted panamka on the head of the baby, and not squeeze the child's head. We make the rim of the cap. So, first we'll tie the bezel for the summer baby cap. To do this, take the knitting needles and start knitting a strip of garter stitch. The most optimal width of the strip is six rows of garter stitch. This width will allow to fix the cap on the head of the child, but will not slip to his eyes and spoil the vision.

We begin to knit "wave."

How to make a summer baby hat at home. Step-by-step instruction of knitting a children's cap with their own hands .. Photo №1 "We begin to knit with a wave" only then, the codewe reach the seventh row. • First make two loops on the left spoke; • Then we change them in places, so that we can connect to the third loop. • We make the third loop. • Insert the right spoke into three loops at once and make one face loop. Repeat this algorithm until we have gone through the entire length of our already connected rubber band. So we connected the connection of our rim with the main part of the cap. Now we can move on to knitting the panama. The pattern of the three loops must be repeated six times according to the above algorithm. We have a strip about two and a half centimeters wide. We will get the initial part for the main part of the cap. Next, we will knit the facial smoothness. In each facial row, we also make three loops simultaneously by rearranging them, as already indicated in the diagram above. As a result, we will have a pattern identical to the pattern "wave", but without the crochet on each loop. By tying the last row we measure the tail of yarn in length about twenty centimeters and cut it. So, we made the blanks for our children's hats. Now the simplest thing left is to assemble it so that a full-fledged children's headdress is produced. "Sew" the cap with a crochet. • First, take the hook and put it parallel to the cap, then push it into all the upper loops. • When all the loops are on the hook, we need to stretch the end through them, which we left on the main part and fix the thread by pulling it. • Take this thread and sew the edges of the headdress using a conventional knitted seam. This detail is very important, because the seam should be flat and soft, then in the summer heat it will not rub the child's head. Final touches. In the end we can fix the pattern with a crochet so that the cap looks more accurate and uniform. How to make a summer baby hat at home. A step-by-step instruction of knitting a children's cap with their own hands .. Photo # 2