How to make a round stool for a dog.

How to make a round stool for a dog.

When you are a pet, you should understand thathe must have his place. Dogs, like people, need their own space - the territory where they will consider themselves full owners. Pet stores offer a huge selection of lodges and all kinds of sun loungers for dogs, but it will be much cheaper to make it yourself, especially since the pattern and instructions for sewing are attached. How to make a round stool for a dog .. Photo №1 The list of the main advantages of a couch made by oneself is quite large:

  • it is made individually, just for the size of your pet;
  • You can choose any material for manufacturing that will not cause allergies in your puppy and accumulate statistical electricity;
  • the model of the lounger will fully correspond to the behavior of your dog;
  • You will be able to choose the size and color of the lounger so that it harmoniously blends into your interior;
  • several hours for tailoring will save money;
  • caring for a pet can bring a lot of pleasure.

This article will place the pattern andrecommendations for sewing a round lounger. It is ideal for dogs that like to sleep, curled up in a ball. Very often so do yorks, those terriers or Chinese crested. If your little friend likes to sleep, pulling out his paws, then it is better to choose a different model of the couch. So, in order to make a round lounger, you first need to decide on its future size. In the drawing you need to build an oval or a circle of this size so that your dog can safely fit there. Around the bottom of our lounger you need to build a circle that will perform the functions of the rim. With these manipulations, two things must be considered. The size of the bottom should correspond to the size of the adult specimen of the breed for which the lounger is made. From these considerations, you need to decide on the height of the sides, here, too, should take into account the character of the dog: whether she will be active and restless or a lover to take a nap. How to make a round bed for a dog .. Photo # 2 Next, you need to fold the selected material faceinside and transfer to it a ready-made pattern. Leave the allowances on the seams at a rate of 1 cm. Lay the seam along the perimeter of the bottom, which can not be insulated due to the fact that the round pillow is best sewn separately. Lay the second seam, which will be located at a distance of 6 cm from the edge of your pattern. Leave a gap of 10-15 cm unshielded in order to fill the edge of the filler. And then we stop this site. Another solution for performing the rim may be the use of individual pads. With their help, the edge of the couch will have a more magnificent look. To perform it, you need to lay the seams - the rays from the bottom to the edge, not reaching it about 6 cm so, as shown in the pattern. All compartments are filled separately and then a line of 6 cm from the edge of the pattern along the entire perimeter is laid. How to make a round bed for a dog .. Photo # 3 At the conclusion of the work, it is necessary to close the cut along the edgeLoungers with a patchwork seam, leaving a hole for the lace or elastic. Pull it all down with an elastic band or cord. So this is a simple way to get a round or oval stove for your beloved four-legged friend.