How to make an origami swan from paper: a step-by-step instruction.

How to make an origami swan from paper: a step-by-step instruction.

"The Swan Princess" and "Wild Swans", "Geese-swans"and "Swan story" - how many tales of this amazing bird do you know? And do you know how to make a swan out of paper to tell your child his story in pictures about a mythical feather? However, an elegant paper swan, not so much a toy for children, as recognition to relatives in the most tender feelings. Romantic significance was given to the bird by legends, in most of which it is a symbol of fidelity and endlessly devoted love. Presenting a paper swan figurine as a gift, we are now talking about the main thing without saying a word. A symbolic bird will say about everything herself. 3D 3D swan with your own hands Before you learn how to make a swan out ofpaper with our own hands, we just barely touch upon the importance of the unique bird in different parts of the world. So in India, for example, the figure of a paper swan symbolizes the universal birth. And the Slavs saw in a graceful bird a sensual feminine - a graceful charm of a family hearth. Celts considered the bird a rebirth of human souls, and in Greece the origami swan of paper and now personifies the divine beginning. Europeans also considered the big swan a true symbol of immortality - a stage of purification of the soul before returning to human embodiment. In general, there is no such part of the world where the swans would have remained undeservedly forgotten. Materials and components We show how to make origami swans according to the classical conventional method (not to be confused with the scheme of a paper crane). It will take an ordinary square sheet of any desired color (classic - white and black for a swan pair). The size of the sheet determines how big your artwork will be. Ordinary paper can be replaced with soft corrugated - silhouettes of the figure will become more realistic, almost animate. It is possible to make a swan from table napkins, the blessing in their colors now too is not present deficiency. To make out the eyes and the lines of the wing (not necessarily) can be a simple felt-tip pen or watercolor paints. In fact, the choice of material for this craft is determined exclusively by you. If you want, take a foil or starched square towel (it is convenient to fold, more common in European hoteliers). You can rehearse on the scrap of newspaper. Do not forget that one swan is usually not done, so as not to cause loneliness. The bird is steamy, so immediately plan for it the other half. You can collect a swan in a larger number, and then decorate the products in a single suspension or desktop decorative composition, as well as use the figures as details of the original dining table.

3D folding scheme

Consider how to make an origami swan for a basicscheme. It will be a voluminous feathered 3D, able to stand on its legs, spreading spectacular wings. A clear step-by-step instruction will allow to fold the figure in stages without any difficulties even for beginners working in the origami technique. Be sure to involve the kids in the process. Let's start our enlightening master class? Work boldly, without regretting the paper, and everything will turn out the first time. How to make a swan out of paper

  • How can I single out a square from a standardoffice sheet A4 you probably know: bend its small edge to the larger, forming a corner fold, and cut off the excess with scissors. Next, work with the sheet step by step, without haste;
  • Squeeze the diagonal folds of the square (startinggeometric marking) for convenience of further folding. Next, we will work through the sheet on one of the diagonals. Arrange the workpiece in front of you, as shown in Fig. 1;
  • Following the instructions in the pictures, foldThe diagonal corners are above, orienting the faces along the center of the sheet. The upper corner of the workpiece will become sharper than its lower part. You can continue to fold the scheme or slightly change the order of actions (see below);
  • Flip the package down to the front, thenagain sharpen the narrower angle of the workpiece by the bends of the upper planes with faces to the center. Now we need to fold the bundle horizontally almost in half, but without reducing the upper and lower corners together (not "holding" 2-2.5 cm);
  • Sharp "nose" bend to yourself - this is the headthe future paper bird. Now the whole structure is folded along the vertical axis in half from itself. Remains only to lead and straighten the neck (and head), unfold the wings of the swan and put the bird on the "rib-legs."

Swans from paper napkins Step-by-step assembly of the basic model of the noblefeathered is completed. It's time to make a worthy couple an elegant swan. This time, take paper napkins into operation and sharpen the skill arbitrarily - the proportions per eye. This will be useful not only for the hostesses for aesthetically pleasing the table, but also for young people on a romantic date is always useful - to receive such an impromptu gift will be pleasant for every girl. And then young dads will have something to teach their baby.

Swan-napkin (candy)

Now consider a useful option -Let's take a swan paper that will serve as a spectacular napkin stand or as a small confectioner (business cardholder, scraper - whatever you want). This swan is folded from paper with its own hands is almost easier than the first "base" model of a noble bird. Use a colored sheet of a square shape and act according to the step-by-step layout:

  • Squeeze a square sheet on diagonal landmarks, sharpen the angle along one of the diagonals by bending into 2 planes (also as in our first scheme), then turn the product upside down;
  • Long corners join, bending the workpiece in halfon the horizontal axis. Again, change the front side, and then expand (and squeeze) the original pockets underneath. The figure will now have 2 conical corners - sharp and even sharper opposite;
  • Again, change the front side by placingpreparation with an acute angle downwards. From above you will see a horizontal bend-landmark. The uppermost corner (any of 2) bend to the bend-landmark, marking an additional edge of the markup;
  • Lower the acute angle of the workpiece, fold up,leading it to an additional marking rib. While continuing to work on the lower bend, bend his "nose" toward yourself, focusing on the central axis of the convolution - this is the planned head of the future bird;
  • Fold the whole structure along the vertical axis from yourself - origami from paper "swan-napkin" is almost completed. Straighten the neck and the head of the bird, from below, bend the paw of the bird's support in both directions;
  • If you want, give the wings-pockets a complex geometric shape (arbitrarily) - the boxes will become figured.

It remains to open the wings-boxes and fill themscatter a sweet dragee or insert into the wings-pockets table napkins - at your discretion. To decorate the wedding table, such swans can be made of white paper. At such a celebration they will become inexpensive for the price, but very advantageous in aesthetics accessory. As well as candy birds can be made from multi-colored foil - it will be better to keep the shape if the family has many sweethearts, in which the swan will obviously have a high interest. Do not be upset if such a sweetie soon becomes worthless. Making a new one for you is no longer a problem. Moreover, with each new swan, the figures will become even more successful - a skill will be developed. Paper Swan Now you know how to make a smallSwan from an improvised napkin for a symbolic gift or to add a figurine of a bird for a kitchen table setting. This, of course, is not a reason to rest on our laurels - we have a lot of other interesting origami-homemade items, which you also want to put down with your own hands. Do you want to continue? Then you are waiting for a paper airplane, a classic origami-boat, an incredible two-tube steamer, and other crafts are willing to replenish your collection on the shelf. And along with it, your personal moneybox of skills in origami art will be replenished. Make paper swans with children, along the way, instilling in the younger generation a desire for beauty and new useful skills, supplemented by the value of the ancient philosophy of the East.