Knitted sweater for women: knitting according to pattern

Knitted sweater for women: knitting according to pattern


Marilyn Monroe is not only a famous actressHollywood, but also a famous needlewoman. In some movie scenes, as well as in life, Marilyn wore sweaters and sweaters that she could tie herself. At the same time, she was a skilled craftsman, and not every beginning amateur needlework will be able to repeat her knitted things. One of her most famous sweaters, somehow called "necklace", you can try to tie, focusing on the photo of the actress.

Preparatory stage

Let's look at the details of how to tie a sweater fromcelebrities. So you can make a clear description, and at the same time and calculate the correct distribution of patterns used. If we consider this model carefully, then it turns out that to knit such a sweater with knitting needles for women can almost any of the beginning masters. It is just to "disassemble" it for the used jade.
So, the bottom, cuffs and top are tied with a regular elastic band. Scheme: 2 FROM + 2 LP, then according to the figure. Add after the rim of the loop does not have to. This women's sweater knits an even cloth.
Sleeve is simple, not raglan. On the main product will be a recess under the armhole. There is one subtlety: the side braids on the canvas must end exactly before the beginning of the sleeve. This pattern is picked up, since on the arm from below the same strip of pigtail will go. The neck is wide, the top is later separately knitted with elastic and stitched. It turns out a narrow "boat".
Mid-transmission of a female sweater knits a boucle. The same pattern on the sleeve is broken by pigtails. For this part you need a clear scheme, as for the basic parts of the sweater.
This women's sweater is also decorated with rhombs. They go along the sides of the transmission. Behind the whole sweater is connected with a boucle, not counting braids at the seam itself. As the booklet looks, you can look at the figure.

In this scheme: 1 - IP, 2-LP. So the figure shows the type of knitting in the face. Therefore, the purl strings are knit so that the interlacing is not disturbed, we read the circuit in reverse.
Knit braids are not difficult evenFor beginner needlewomen. When you tie a sample, your hands will get used to working with three knitting needles, or use a pin for the removed loops. On this sweater for women in a queue participate 6p., That is, weave 3x3. But the removal will always take place before knitting, not after him. Ponytail only goes to one side. The pattern of the diamonds of the female sweater will look like it is shown in the figure.

So here the notation: 1-L, 2-IP. But at the same time only the facial rows are indicated on the diagram, the underside is knitted according to the drawing, over the LP - LP, over the IP - IP. At the same time, the displacement of the rhombus walls is knit, as in a pigtail. That is, the last LP is removed on a separate spoke or pin, knit 2P, then LP. Also in the case where it is necessary to shift the PI.
When the patterns are dismantled, you can begin to composeDescription of how to knit a sweater "necklace" for women. We need 8 coils of semi-wool yarn of any color for your taste. The length of the thread is not more than 300 m in 100 g. That is, we take not very thick thread, which is better knit with knitting needles 2,5.

We take measurements and knit a sweater

Here we will give approximate data for women 42-44 size:

  • Length of sweater: 65 cm;
  • Back width: 40 cm;
  • Armhole: 25 cm;
  • Shoulder: 6 cm;
  • Sleeve: 55 centimeters.

For the front part of the sweater we type on the knitting needles 126We knit 10 cm with an elastic band. Now we divide the canvas along the patterns. 3 IP indentation, one of them is edge. The braid is 6n. And 2n. After it. Stripe 2 LP. Then comes a rhombus - 16p. We repeat the strip and two braids.
We calculate how much we will have left on the fieldBoucle. Side patterns together constitute 47 p. The formula is as follows: 124 - 47x2 = 30p. And we knit the first row of women's sweater. Further on the drawing, observing all the elements of the eddies, we create the canvas. You need to tie 30 cm. Then close each edge with 9n. So we single out the armhole. Now we have one pattern less - the braids on the sides are over.
When finished another 15 cm. Begin to tie the neck. We perform patterns up to the middle of the canvas, up to the boucle area. This is 39p., We close the middle - 30p., We knit another 39p on the other side. Now systematically in each row we remove by 1p. Side of the cutout, until there is 13p. It remains to finish the entire length of the sweater to 65cm. And close the shoulder.
The back of the sweater by volume is similarFront of the female model. The main cloth - boucle, only on the sides there are 3 indentation IP, pigtail and 2p. for her. Knit all the pattern to the armhole, and on. Only 50 cm. The last 5 cm is the neck. Close 46п. Will remain for 30p. From each edge. To clean in each river. 1 point, until the shoulder remains - 13p. Finish the full length of the sweater and close the hinges.

The sleeves are the last to knit. The width of the female cuff is 16 cm. We type on the needles 42p., We knit an elastic band 10cm. Then add 7n in the first row of the main canvas. Next, we calculate the patterns. Indentation and braids, as on the front of the sweater, in general, this will be 11n. From each edge. Another braid and two strips of LP in the middle. This is 14p. The rest is a boucle. Two pieces of 7n.
But further, with traditional binding, on each 6p. Added 2n. On the sides. The boucle field will grow, but the pigtails will have to be moved neatly to the edge, so that they always go along the side of the part. So they knit 40 cm. Then we close the hinges.
We collect our sweater for stylish women. We weak the hangers, we sew the sleeves, we join the side seams. That it was more convenient to do, first steal every detail. Will only sew a collar.
This women's sweater has a special cutoutWrong boat. To link it, dial along the whole neck of the loop with a long hook, and then just tie the 8-10 cm with an elastic band. And now the female "necklace" from Marilyn Monroe is ready.

We knit a sweater according to the magazine

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