Spring crafts for home with children

Spring crafts for home with children


    Spring crafts for home with children

    Many children walking in a park, forest or duringin the yard, on the playground, various figures are often painted on the ground using ordinary twigs. But this natural material can be used to create various spring crafts for the home. At the same time, children will be happy to help make an original interior decoration item.

    "Miracle tree"

    In order to make a blooming "miracle tree"with your own hands you will need the following materials: • Tree branches; • Crepe paper in green; • Napkins; • PVA glue; • scissors; • Brush. First of all, you need to cut the prepared napkins into small squares. Then, fold the resulting squares diagonally, so that you get triangles. Triangles need to be folded in half again. Once again. From the resulting small triangle, you need to cut out the petal. If you expand it, you get a flower with four identical petals. You can add small squares as well as for snowflakes, you get flowers with six petals. It is necessary to apply a small amount of PVA glue to the center of the finished flower from napkins and stick it on a twig. When all the flowers are on the branches, you can start making leaves. They need to be cut out of crepe paper and, in the same way as flowers, glued to twigs and a delicate, blossoming “tsudo-tree” is ready. Such a fake can be done independently even by preschool children. So, children 5-6 years old can cut flowers from napkins themselves, while younger children, 3-4 years old, can stick everything on twigs. DIY blooming twigDIY blooming twig

    Bouquet of pompons: spring crafts

    Twigs are also useful for creating funa bouquet of pompoms and other spring crafts from gifts of nature. The main material for such a fake are woolen threads of any bright colors. Pompons themselves are also quite simple to make, even a child can handle this work. In order to make pompons, you will need cardboard, scissors and the threads themselves. Two identical circles must be cut out of cardboard or thick paper. In the center of each circle you need to make a small hole. The larger the hole diameter, the more fluffy the pompons will be. Two cardboard rings must be folded together and wound several layers of thread around it. Then between the circles of cardboard you need to insert scissors and cut all the threads along the outer edge. The resulting bundle is tightly tied with a thread and tied to a knot. The pompom needs to be well spread and glued to the twig. Bouquets of such “flowers” ​​will look best in small glass bottles or narrow vases. Bouquet of pomponsBouquet of pompons

    Plasticine Lilac

    Every child loves to sculpt from clay. Why not make such a simple spring craft? Therefore, children will gladly help to mold beautiful plasticine lilacs. In order for the lilac to look realistic, you will need a large number of plasticine petals. Two-tone petals look best. To make them as natural as possible, you need to take plasticine of blue or blue color and roll a neat sausage out of it. Then roll out to get a sufficiently thick sheet, plasticine of violet or lilac color. Wrap the resulting sausage out of plasticine and cut into thin slices using thin wire, fishing line or thread. On a cardboard it is necessary to lay out lilac flowers, consisting of five petals. Arrange the composition in the form of a branch of lilac. In a similar way, you can make a composition from any other colors. Plasticine LilacPlasticine Lilac

    Paper roses

    In order to make roses out of paper together withchildren and decorate their home with them, it is necessary to prepare colored paper, scissors, glue and tree branches. Also an idea for spring crafts with children. To make a bud on a sheet of colored paper, you need to draw a spiral. Then cut it out. This stage of work can be entrusted even to a child, since you should not worry about the fact that the edges of the spiral will not turn out perfectly even. On the contrary, so the flower will have a more natural look. The resulting spiral must be tightly twisted to get a flower bud. In order for the bud not to unwind, its base should be fixed with ordinary glue, and then fixed on a twig. Paper rosesPaper roses

    Butterfly made of paper - updating the house by spring

    A butterfly frompaper. For its manufacture, you will need the pages of a glossy magazine, scissors, glue, skewer, and beads. For crafts, it is better to choose those pages of the magazine on which bright advertising is printed. From prepared pages you need to cut 2 squares with sides of 8cm and 12cm. The resulting squares need to be folded accordion. Using an awl in the center of each accordion, you need to make holes for the skewer. It remains only to collect the craft. To do this, you need to attach a larger bead to one end of the skewer, it will be the head of a butterfly, then put on a larger accordion, a smaller accordion and several small beads. To fix the butterfly on the skewer, you will need a narrow paper tape lubricated with glue, which should be fixed on the free end of the skewer. Paper butterflyPaper butterfly We also recommend viewing:

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