Stained glass soap "Snake": master class

Stained glass soap "Snake": master class

Soap Snake Homemade Soap - useful and veryinteresting occupation. It makes it possible not only to use high-quality products with a natural composition, but also to implement the most incredible creative ideas. Many of us loved collecting mosaics as a child. We propose to make the so-called stained soap - from a multi-colored elements to create a small picture. And today we will show you this technique in action - we will make a pretty soap with a snake. To create a stained glass soap "Snake" will require a transparent soap base - about 300 grams. True, there will be a lot of “working material” left from it for the realization of other ideas, since the stained glass soap itself will turn out by weight not more than 100 g.

In addition to the base, for soap "Snake" take:

• titanium dioxide (at the tip of the knife); • powdercocoa; • blue dye; • pink dye; • lemon essential oil, 4 drops; • alcohol; • plastic cups; • knife; • wooden sticks; • a syringe without a 10 ml needle.

Soap "Snake" in stained glass technique - description of work:

Before creating the product will have to work hard - we will cut the base into cubes Basis for snake soap Put in a water bath so that all the piecesmelted down. When the base becomes liquid, we will spill 150 g of the total amount in 3 plastic cups (50 g each). In the first one, add some titanium dioxide, a white powder, which makes the base opaque and gives it a white color. Pour it quite a bit - at the tip of the knife, mix the mass thoroughly. It should be white, but unsaturated. In the remaining two glasses add the dye - pink and blue. It is better to take water-based dyes that will not muddy the soap mass. However, it is possible to use powder pigments diluted in glycerin or oil. It is important for us to create a transparent basis like glass, but in a different color. When all three parts of the base are colored, we leave them to cool in the cups. After hardening and cooling take out. We cut on layers of the same thickness - up to 5 millimeters. From them we will cut the elements of stained glass. Now prepare the form - a round plastic container. It is necessary to lubricate the base oil - any, so that the soap is easier to come out of the mold after solidification. Form for soap "Snake" From the melted base for stained glass soap, which we kept in a water bath, we pour 50 g into a glass. Melt the soap Add to it the essential oil of lemon - 2 drops,mix it up. It is not recommended to add base oils as they will stir up the base. Fill the resulting mass in the form. We treat the surface with alcohol to remove air bubbles. Transparent layer for soap "Snake" While the bottom layer of stained soap freezes,color layers start cutting out rectangles to create the main element of the stained glass window. It is better to put it in an empty form, similar to the one in which we poured the first layer of soap. If not, you can lay out the pieces on the working surface by placing a soap mold next to it to see the dimensions of the stained glass window. From the pink and white rectangles form the body of the snake, alternating colors and leaving gaps for the dark fill of the stained glass window. Cut out the pink head, make a hole in the eye for it with a toothpick and cut the mouth. Snake in soap After the first layer of stained glass soap has frozen, sprinkle it with alcohol and place the snake on top of it. Put a snake out of soap Fill the space around the snake with blue rectangles. Very strongly we press each piece to the transparent layer so that the fill does not flow under it. Stained glass technique - soap snake We take another 50 g from the melted base, pour it into a glass and add cocoa powder - enough to make the mass a thick brown tone. Knead very well. Spray the whole stained glass with alcohol. Dark soap for pouring stained glass Now we need a syringe. Syringe for pouring dark stained glass We type into it a hot brown base andfill the gaps between the elements of the stained glass soap pattern. It is very important that the soap mass is hot. If it cools, reheat it in the microwave or in a water bath. Pour gaps around snake fragments from soap If somewhere there were blemishes, we use a sharp knife with a short blade or a scalpel to scrape off a dark base that climbed onto the stained glass elements of other colors. Soap Snake Now in the remaining 50 g of the transparent base drip2 drops of lemon essential oil, mix, sprinkle with alcohol stained soap "Snake" and pour over it a transparent aromatic mass. Process again with alcohol. Soap Snake Give mylets soak, take out of the form. You can yourself enjoy the wonderful natural soap or to please their friends and relatives. Soap Snake Soap Snake DIY: master class See how you can do it in the same technique. Anna Serebryakova specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: