Making a flower stand with your own hands does not require much time and effort from you if you carefully study the material in this article.

Making a flower stand with your own hands does not require much time and effort from you if you carefully study the material in this article.

Fashionable stand for indoor plantshands You can show love for your indoor plants not only in proper watering and caring for them, but also by decorating with stylish pedestals, which, in addition, will be a perfect addition to any interior. With the current state of the environment, every home owner or office owner tries to saturate the interior space of his premises with fresh flowers or plants. Most of them not only saturate the atmosphere with pure oxygen and useful elements, but also create additional comfort and comfort, pleasing the eye. For the compactness of their placement or for the purpose of creating effective compositions for plants, pot holders are generally used. The ones that are realized in our trade networks are not very original, and their range is rather limited. Our example will help everyone who aspires to uniqueness and is ready to spend on it their own time. Having a house, at a dacha or in an office, a stand made with your own hands, you will than be proud of the guests, because by investing all your talent in it, it will definitely turn out to be exclusive. Indoor flowers and plants are a living organism that requires not only the creation of special conditions, but also the constant care for them. So that they not only grow green and grow, but also multiply, the conditions should be as favorable as possible. Since all plants are drawn to the sun, our task is to bring them closer to it. The material that will most harmoniously look with room colors, of course, is wood, and specifically - part of the trunk. With such material, you will not only be pleasant to work with, but also easy. Try to find part of the trunk, where the branches are fairly thick and growing evenly around it. Let the branches themselves not be too smooth and growing randomly, which will give our product a special uniqueness. Before preparing the stand, prepare the following tools and materials:

  • Sandpaper (if possible, two types: for preliminary sanding of wood and final);
  • varnish for working with wooden surfaces;
  • a jigsaw;
  • Self-tapping screws (for fixing plywood supports to the base);
  • a sheet of plywood (it is necessary to sawn to pieces, from which then the flower pot holders will be made).

1. We begin the work with the preliminary treatment of the base, i.e. the trunk. Remove the bark from the tree and spoil the look of the defects. Strip it first with coarse grinding paper, then fine-grained. 2. Now let's get on the plywood stand. Cut it into several pieces, not forgetting about the dimensions. Select the form at your discretion: round or square. The main requirement for the stand is sufficient stability. stand for flowers, comfortable and fashionable. Photo №1 3. Based on the number of branches, using a jig saw, cut out the plywood sheets from the sheet, which will serve as a platform for pots with flowers. Do not try to do more than necessary, make sure that they match the size of the pots. The side parts of the plywood are better to be processed with grinding paper and to level the bottom part of the base. To give it additional stability, we attach plywood. stand for flowers, comfortable and fashionable. Photo # 2 4. Set the base on a flat surface and mark the level of the slope under which it is necessary to cut the tops off the branches. For greater accuracy, check the angle using the level. Finish each saw by grinding sandpaper to give maximum smoothness and evenness. Take the self-tapping screws, screw the prepared supports from the plywood to the base. 5. After fixing all parts, proceed to varnishing our stand. It is convenient to do with a brush or a small piece of a foam rubber sponge. stand for flowers, comfortable and fashionable. Picture №3 That's it, a beautiful stand for indoor plants is ready! stand for flowers, comfortable and fashionable. Photo №4 stand for flowers, comfortable and fashionable. Photo №5