Steampunk style in the interior: features, furniture and decor (16 photos)

Steampunk style in the interior: features, furniture and decor (16 photos)

In the 60s - 80s of the twentieth century among amateursan alternative story appeared the socio-cultural movement of steampunk (sometimes steam park). The ideological essence of steampunk is the version of the development of civilization based on steam engines. It is logical that the influence of steampunk manifested itself not only in fiction, but also in architecture, design and interior. Alternative story or steampunk in the interior Steampunk Style Living Room

    Features steampunk style, color palette

    Since steampunk is based on steam engines, thenThe steampunk style is associated with the Victorian era. Specialists determine that steampunk can be an independent style, but can be used as an addition to the styles of vintage, retro and modern. Steampunk is associated with the Victorian eraSteampunk color is maintained in brown tones, from dark beige to almost black. Many parts are painted to simulate copper and brass. In accordance with the color scheme, backlighting is also chosen, the main requirement for which is warm and muted tones. The aerobatics in steampunk is considered to be an imitation of the scattered yellowish light of gas lamps, as a rule, discharge lamps are used for this. In steampunk, backlighting is very important The light should not be bright and slightly simulate the light of gas fixtures

    Steampunk style walls in the interior

    Since steampunk is seen as a kind ofprojection of the Victorian era, then the walls in the house should be similar to the walls of the Victorian house (specialists often use the term natural country). As a material, both natural stone and wood or metal panels can be used. Sometimes metal strips with rivets are used to simulate the inner skin of a submarine, like the Nautilus from Jules Verne. As an alternative, Victorian-style stylized brickwork or woven fabric can be used. In steampunk walls can be sheathed with metal or wood imitating the interior of a submarine or a steam locomotive Sometimes a natural stone or brick is allowed in the wall cladding

    Floor and ceiling in steampunk apartment interior

    Natural wood lacquered. Only such a floor in the interior of the steampunk, however it is not very expensive, and since the style is quite democratic, a less expensive floor covering that mimics expensive varieties of natural wood can be used. In the kitchen and in the bathroom, it is recommended to lay tiles in the color of natural stone. As an extremely radical expression of style, the floor in the bathroom is lined with street cobblestones, this makes a strong impression and conveys the essence of the style. As for the ceilings, they should be high and vaulted, at the same time, asymmetry in the form of various steps and arches is welcomed. Arches, columns and niches are required in steampunk Pipes give walls a mechanical feel The combination of technology and natural simplicity is a characteristic feature of steampunk

    Steampunk furniture

    There are two approaches to choosing furniture in a cupboard: Victorian and futuristic. In the first version, the furniture is selected massive, maximally simulating furniture of the past era. The upholstery is made from genuine leather or heavy fabrics. Many details of such furniture contain metal elements, most often copper or brass. In the futuristic version of the furniture, one of the main components is metal pipes, which give the room unreality and at the same time hint at some kind of functional purpose. Often there are no shelves in the rooms, instead of them pipes are used both for storing books (shelves) and for storing kitchen utensils. Furniture or Victorian or Futuristic Typical steampunk furniture

    Steampunk style decor

    How designers sometimes joke - a steampunk houseruns the risk of becoming a museum. Indeed, a variety of objects from a past life are used as decor. Only in such a house can one meet a typewriter or a landline telephone. Everything from nuts and bolts to pistons, valves and maps is used as decor. According to observations in the houses and apartments stylized as steampunk live, as they say, romantic and creative personalities, who are often called physicists and lyricists, which does not prevent them from being original and bold. Steampunk stylized lamp And it looks like a modern computer in a steampunk house Steampunk fireplace insert Steampunk style for physicists and lyricists. Like the article? Share on social networks!