A step-by-step instruction on how to make beautiful and original wedding cards with your own hands.

A step-by-step instruction on how to make beautiful and original wedding cards with your own hands.

Decoration of the wedding event takes a lottime and effort. It is necessary to provide for all details and features of the previous celebration. Often, almost imperceptible little things can create a festive and comfortable environment, add an event of unity. Having made wedding cards with your own hand, you can please close people, show their weight for you. With the help of modernized materials and technologies, you can create delightful creations. Postcards are so much appreciated also because their implementation requires time and effort. Postcards in the form of a bouquet of flowers can be made from any material. For this purpose, they are quite suitable:

  • satin ribbons
  • laces
  • felt
  • thread
  • grid

It is important only that the matter is uniform, soit will add more saturation to the craft. The made flowers can be fastened by means of threads, staples or lace ribbons. Unconventional bouquets and original cards are sure to be appreciated, both by guests and by those who are intended. With the help of volumetric stamping you can get very attractive cards. You can create pigeons, hearts, swans from cardboard. And in order to add a postcard to the volume, you need to place a colored paper on the prepared base, and then strongly press down. The resulting pattern must be routed several times with a rod from the handle without a paste. How to make wedding cards with your own hands. Photo №1 To create a floral illusion, you needstock up on an album sheet, cut in half. On the first page, you need to cut out a small window and place in it a completed bouquet or an inscription. In such a composition, the most harmoniously is a bouquet of small petals. Attach this decoration by means of a paper clip, and the traces of fastening are well disguised. For example, to fix on this place an envelope and put money or wishes into it. In addition, the postcard can be decorated with a chic bow or a thin ribbon. Sets consisting of guest cards andbooks, are very popular. To create a guest book, a small notepad is great. The binding of the guest book is an important detail. It can be made from a patterned fabric, decorated with a variety of rhinestones or ribbons. A bright, attractive cover will become a colorful accent of the book. The cloth binding will look a bit unusual and curious. With this decoration you can add a notebook of warmth and comfort. Postcards and the book must beare sustained in one style. Also, pay attention to the image of writing applications. On such a card, you can place a greeting, congratulation or thanks. There are many collections of verses for different names. Of course, this design requires a lot of time and painstakingness, but in return each guest will be very pleased, feeling special. Postcards created with their own hands will always be the most pleasant and desirable.