Step-by-step photo master-class: how to tie booties machines

Step-by-step photo master-class: how to tie booties machines


Future real men need to dressAccordingly: no bunnies and flowers! I offer you a unique and unique master class that will help you to connect the little dandy booties of the "Machine" with knitting needles. Let's consider, that for this purpose it is necessary and the stage-by-stage process of knitting.

Detailed master class on pintettes

To work on booties, we need a yarnThree contrasting colors, circular knitting needles, a set of stocking spokes, a hook or a needle for stitching the product. In this case, the yarn is blue, white and brown. Also for boys fit red, green, gray colors.

In this model, the length of the foot is 12 cm. You can increase or decrease the number of loops depending on the desired size.
To tie the booties of the typewriter, we type onCircular knitting needles (further SP) 32 loops. We knit to the end with facial loops (further LP). At the beginning of each row, remove the edge loop, and the latter weave the wrong one. With this P we begin to make a uniform addition by means of napids, to form the sole. After the edge bandage 2 LP, then we make a cape (further H), after 13 LP, H, 2 LP, H, 1 LP.

In the next row (hereinafter P) we knit all loopsFacial, nakidy need to be tied behind the back wall, so that in the canvas no holes are formed. After the edge line there are 2 LP, H, 13 LP, H, 4 LP, H, 13 LP, H, 2 LP. All LPs.

We start with 3 LP, then H, 13 LP, H, 6 LP, H, again 13 LP, H, 3 LP. All RL. Now 4 LP, H, 13 LP, H, 6 LP, H, 13 LP, H, 3 LP and edge. A number of LP. Another RL, now the SP must have 48 loops.

Now we take a yarn of a different color toHighlight the "bumper" of the machine, in this case the brown one. We connect four P only LP. We return to the yarn of the primary color. She needs to tie six RL.

Now let's start shaping the toe cape. This process is similar to the removal of the heel part of the sock. If you know how to knit socks, then you will not be difficult to tie the toe. But even if you do this for the first time, rest assured that nothing is complicated here. We knit 28 LP, the last eight, of which, are the middle of the toe, and the lateral parts will gradually be reduced. The next two P we will tie together the wrong one, and change them back to the left knitting needle. Turn over the work and tie up the 8 LP, now two together LP, do not forget to change the received loop back.

We continue to bind eight central loopsAnd to reduce the sides of the front side of the purl P, with the purlin - facial. We finish decreasing, when there will be 12 P left on the side jets, the total number of P - 32. We turn to a yarn of contrasting color to tie the "windshield" of our car. Convey 10 central stations.

After eight P face-to-face, do a reductionAt the beginning and at the end of the row, tying two P together. Next P on the picture. Another decrease in the beginning and at the end, so that the SP leaves six loops. "Window" is ready. Now we begin to unscrew the roller, which looks like a rudder.

We select the yarn of the primary color on both edgesSeven P. We knit a few P along the drawing, until the canvas starts to curl upside down. In this case, eight R. Close the hinges. The "rudder" is ready for the pints. Now you need to sew the sole and the back of the booties.

We turn the bootie to the wrong side andHelp the needle or hook connect the parts. The same thing we do with the calcaneal region. That's what happened, booties are almost ready. It remains to bind the cuff so that the product seated tightly on the leg.

At the level where the "window" begins withInner we type on the stocking pens SP 32 P. We knit in circles rubber band 2x2. Adjust the cuff height as desired, you can make more P and a lapel or leave, as in this case.

At the toe cap, embroider a light yarn of "headlights" or sew on this place with metal buttons.

Video master class on knitting pinets

Booties of the machine are ready with knitting needles! A more detailed video master class can be seen on the channel of Natalia Kalinovskaya and another master. With this video lesson, you will clearly learn how to properly link such original booties. This video will be interesting not only for beginners, but also for experienced needlewomen.