Step-by-step photo masterclass on knitting socks "enterlak"

Step-by-step photo masterclass on knitting socks "enterlak"


The article describes the technique of knitting anterlak, its main principles, socks in the technique of Enterlac step-by-step and with a photo. Such an original kind of knitting is sure to please beginners.

Technics Enterlak (correctly entrelak) is incredibleIs beautiful. Products made in this style immediately fascinate the eye and any, even the beginner, the needlewoman will want to work in this exotic technique. It is possible to attribute this style to a patchwork variety, but it is noticeable that it is older, having definitely ethnic roots. Knitted socks, shawls, rugs in the style of Enterlak as if from a grandmother's trunk. Grandfather once wove baskets, and the grandmother, having peeked a pattern, applied it in the technique of knitting.
The style of Enterlac has been known for a long time, similar models were also found in old Soviet magazines. Today this technique has acquired a second wind and is gaining increasing popularity among modern masters.
The whole essence of technology is reduced to the alternation of colorOr monochromatic sectors, we obtain a pattern-netting, directed one or the other. Patchwork sewed into the art of knitting, formed from threads, lay down in patterns and turned out a real fairy magic.

Socks in technology Enterlak: master class with photo

For beginners knitters tie such socks will not be easy, but it's worth trying, the result will exceed all expectations. For work you will need:

  • Remnants of yarn 6-7 colors of 100 gr;
  • Knitting needles 2,5, 5 pcs;
  • Pins for knitting;
  • scissors;
  • hook.

Spokespeed to type 5 loops, for example, redThread, and tie 10 rows of facial smoothness. It turned out 5 edge. Of these, you need to type 5 loops with the other knitting needle behind the back wall. Attach the gray thread to the tip of the red thread and from the typed loops tie 10 rows of facial smoothness.

The third square is similar to the gray one, onlyA red thread. The fourth gray when knitting must be connected to the red one. The first set is typed, the second is wrong, from the third each last loop of the front row is joined by method 2 together with the edge loop of the red square.

For beginners! For the first time, it's better to knit with only two colors!
To tie the gray thread to the green thread and bind itSimilarly 10 rows. From the green are typed loops of blue color, the second row is tied with the purl. From the third, the blue hinges are joined together with the two red edges. Further from the gray block it is necessary to remove green, from green - blue. As in the previous bunch, the blue square is connected to the gray method 2 together in each face row. Then, from green, green, from green blue, which connects to red in the same way, is pulled out.

Advice! If it is difficult to handle the knitting needles, you can use pins to remove non-working items!
Next, it's important to turn knitting and start the blueSquare from the wrong side. Comes from green, connects to gray in each purl way 2 together. For completeness of a circle of gray is green. From the wrong side, green and blue are joined together 2, the directions of knitting to the right.

Important! The knitting of socks in the technique of Enterlac in each row will change direction, then to the left, then to the right!
To form a toe, you must add more5 squares. The lilac thread joins the blue, joins the green square. The direction of knitting to the right, then, the connection occurs from the wrong side in each row, except the tying, 2 together. Next, the direction of knitting is changed, 7 squares, for example, dark green, are knitted to the left. The toe is formed, and the next row outputs to a constant alternation. Left 7 blocks and 7 blocks to the right, the thread color changes to the taste of the needlewoman. By alternating colors and directions, the desired toe height is obtained. There are master classes, which tell in detail about the loosening of the heel in this technique. The product is closed by a crochet with contrasting thread, it turns out a pretty serrated edge.

The note! Socks in technique
Without heel!

Knitted knitted socks in the style of Enterlac can not beCalled simple, a large number of tools in the work, changing threads, there is a chance to get thoroughly confused. But, when everything turns out, the result will long please the needlewoman and the one to whom these magnificent socks will be presented.

And now we suggest that you watch a video lesson in which you will become better acquainted with this above described technique.

Video: Lessons of knitting socks in the technique of enterlak

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