Ladder - stepladder in the interior

Ladder - stepladder in the interior

Ladders and wooden ladders canbe used not only to help you get to the top. Step-ladder in the interior - these are original shelves and excellent clothes hangers, shoes and accessories. Let's look at different options for using ladders in the interior design.

1. Hanger from the ladder for clothes and shoes

Thanks to the crossbeams, convenient stitches for clothes, ornaments and shoes are easily obtained from the staircase. For this, sometimes it's enough just to lean the ladder against the wall! hanger The ladder can be pre-polished and painted or left with a natural color and texture to make an antique vintage hanger. stepladder in the interior of the children's room stepladder in the interior as a clothes hanger hanger for shoes from a ladder-ladders stepladder in the interior as a hanger from the stairs The ladder can be nailed to the wall in the hallway, so you get a comfortable coat rack for outer clothing, hats and scarves. hanger in the hallway for clothes from a ladder In the bathroom ladder-stepladder also there is an application. On the crossbar is very convenient to hang towels. stepladder in the bathroom interior ladder - stepladder in the bathroom interior as a towel rail In the living room in this way, you can hang blankets and bedspreads, which is especially important in the cold season. Ladders in the interior - a rug for blankets and bedspreads

2. Step ladder in the interior as shelves

Another interesting way touse of old staircases - to make them shelves. The ladder can become an ideal exhibition ground for photographs, vases, books, and if you slightly extend the steps of the staircase, then it is also a roomy shelf for a mass of necessary things. Stepladders in the interior in the role of shelves look very unusual and stylish. In the living room it is convenient to store books and photographs, in the bathroom - washrooms, shampoos, gels and towels, in the kitchen - dishes, pans. staircase in the interior as a shelf stepladder in the interior as a shelf Ladders in the interior - bookshelf shelves in the interior of the ladderstepladder in the bathroom interior shelves from a ladder Ladders in the interior - shelves on the walls stepladder in the interior ladder-ladder as shelves stairs like storing pans in the kitchen About what options for using a ladders in the kitchen as a place for storing pots and pans, read here. ladder-ladder as shelves ladder-ladder as shelves