Embroidery Victorian charm: the rules of the scheme works

Embroidery Victorian charm: the rules of the scheme works


Not many know that the embroidery "Victorian charm"It bears a symbol. According to experienced handy, embroidering image of a house under the scheme can be expected to approach the dream, which is the desire to own a home. Let's look at in more detail, what a stitch "Victorian charm."

Tips and tricks for embroidery scheme

The first recommendation, which followed embroiderers- It only starts with the fourteenth lunar day. If you do it does not matter, can not adhere to this advice. Not all masters are inclined to invest in the embroidery sacred meaning. For those who have decided to heed the advice of, be sure to purchase a special calendar that are painted all the days of the lunar updates. His first day is a new moon, and the last - a full moon.
The most interesting thing that can be done with the schemeEmbroidery "Victorian charm" - is to change some of the elements in it. For example, you can invest in the work of their mental desires and promises. Thus, you have the ability to do the following things:

  • embroidered in the windows at home bright light bulb. So drawing a perk. Some embroiderers complementary windows flowers in pots or image standing in their babies;
  • if you think that the scheme is too many floors, which increases the time spent on the job, then lower the floors. But do not forget that the number three has a special religious significance;
  • embroidery "Victorian charm" suggests the image of cats in the scheme. Optionally they can be replaced by any other animals, such as dogs;
  • regard to the embroidery front door, there iscontroversial issue. From the viewpoint of the ancient Chinese teachings door best represent red color and it is desirable that it has been opened. This sign means that if a person can not change his place of residence, then you need to paint your door red. Then, in his family and at work everything will work out. For those who do not believe in such superstitions can only embroider "Victorian charm" as it was originally shown;
  • yours is a personal right to decide what color embroidery floss, and a canvas.

As you could see that the embroidery"Victorian charm" - is not just a job, it's a whole ritual that comply with experienced handy. Between themselves, they call this picture "witch's house". Maybe so, everyone is trying to carefully follow all recommendations. The scheme of work is quite large, so the embroidery will not be fast, but on the contrary will take you a lot of personal time. This is due to the fact that you have to pay much attention to the elaboration of fine elements.

If we consider the diagram, it is possible to imaginethe entire body of work. And in order for you to clearly see how to embroider "Victorian charm" offer look interesting video in which you will learn all the nuances of this craft.

Video: Learning embroidery Victorian charm