Cross-stitch embroidery: a selection of schemes

Cross-stitch embroidery: a selection of schemes


The first messengers of spring, as is known, arebirds. Approaching the arrival of the long-awaited heat is possible with the help of images of birds. You can decorate the curtains, the walls after the renovation of the kitchen or embroider the birds with a cross and arrange the work with a frame. They will look great on a branch or surrounded by lush greenery, when it comes to overseas birds.
Embroidery of a bird allows to show its richFantasy: not all needlewomen focus on schemes found on the Internet or peeped in thematic magazines, many of them create their own unique sketches, which are then transferred from mother to daughter.


Excellent composition, in the foreground of whichDepicts a bird on a branch of mountain ash. The finished work will look good in the hallway or in the kitchen. Particular attention should be paid to the frame: it must necessarily be round, as originally conceived. Not all schemes are as detailed as this one. On it you can even see the branches of the fir tree standing in the background.
The work should begin with the embroidery of the mainThe character is a bird. To do this, you need 3 primary colors and a few auxiliary ones that will help you work through all the details: individual feathers and shadows. The entire background is made in one color scheme: in cold winter tones. There are several bright elements in the form of white spots, probably personifying the glitter of snow or the light of distant stars. The picture is quite simple, especially if it is performed with a regular cross.
Scheme for embroidery with a key:


Fans of exotic birds, most likely, will choose as the main character of their picture a fire bird, toucan, parrot or other representative of hot southern countries.
Parrots, surrounded by flowers with soft pinkPetals, create an easy and at the same time tiring atmosphere of a hot incandescent day, where you can find a cool only in the shade among the flowers and bright green plants. This work is not very difficult, but at the same time it has a lot of details, and a complex color game will force the needlewoman to interrupt her cross-stitch many times.
Embroidery should start with the branch on which sitParrots. After that, work through all the leaves and flowers, and then go to the parrots. The main background of the picture will be much easier to perform if all the details in the foreground are embroidered. In the process of work also very help schemes, in which all details are shown to the smallest detail.
The cell in the picture refers more to the posteriorPlan than to the front. You can leave it at the end. On it you can clearly see the play of light and shadow. Thanks to this, it is easy to imagine light from a red-hot sun, the rays of which touch the cage, but do not reach the parrots hidden in the shade. Work greatly simplifies the absence of the upper half of the background. It is left untouched: snow-white.
Scheme for embroidery with a key:

Bird in flowers

Not in all pictures of birds are those sitting onBranch. Often there are also such schemes in which birds are surrounded by flowers and colorful butterflies. Such works look magnificent, diverse and will appeal not only to feathered lovers, but also to flowers admirers.
When embroidering this work, it is recommended to moveFrom below upwards: from flowers to a bird and a blue sky. On a branch with flowers, light spots repeat, so you do not have to change the thread after working out each detail. Then you can embroider a bird and a blue background or in a different order. There is not much difference, since the basic elements have already been worked out. Your attention should be focused on the veins of the leaves and on the transition from light to shadows in the petals of flowers. All these details that are not important at first glance allow to create a volumetric work, which as a result will not be much like a drawing from the circuit, as it will be difficult to distinguish it from a simple photograph.
Scheme for embroidery with a key:

Schemes with birds