Embroidery on the grid and its performance technique (video)

Embroidery on the grid and its performance technique (video)


Embroidery on the grid or loin embroidery - ita great way to help create a needle women beautiful and unique things. It is based on the embroidery of empty and filled cells. When they are brought together - to provide the desired pattern.
Embroidery on the grid as a finished product will lookoriginal and unusual. Things started in a way reminiscent of an expensive antique. Presented below technology - simple, which is suitable for a large number of patterns.

Getting Started

To get started, you need a grid. It can make your own or buy at the craft store.
Several methods for creating an independent basis for embroidery:

  • cut from the fabric mesh. To do this in certain locations and cut the thread draw out fabric;
  • plaiting bases can be used a dedicated shuttle. At the end of the work turns the classic grid;
  • Crochet. Grid is a simple pattern that can even link a beginner needlewoman. To make the blank cells need to be alternated with columns nakida with air loops.

When you buy in the store ready-made grid, you need to pay attention to its magnitude and location of the cells.

Tips that can help while embroidering:

  • It should be ready to cut off the grid to the desired size;
  • Perform work only on the well-stretched grid, which is fixed with special clips. Otherwise, the pattern may simply be deformed;
  • To Needlewoman was convenient to work with the base, the grid can be pre-glued by using construction adhesive or sew a dense sheet of cardboard;
  • Stocking sewn with Basting stitch or stitch "back needle". The main thing to see to it that the net can be kept as a stronger and not stretched during the operation;
  • In the pre-drawn cardboard crosses to form a circuit pattern of the future;
  • If the mesh is soft enough, you give it the required shape can be using gelatin, which is sure to be diluted with water.
  • Technique of the embroidery on the grid

  • Embroidery on the grid can be done with colored threads. This rule does not apply for embroidery curtains;
  • Before you sit down to work, woven wire mesh should be thoroughly soaked gelatin;
  • In the wet form of the network is stretched on a frame and completely dried;
  • On plaid paper need to apply the desired pattern. With regard to the cells, they must be equal to the amount of the total number of cells;
  • Embroidery is done on a grid with a long sewing needle. Its size depends on the thickness of the thread;
  • The end of the filament should be tied to one corner of the cell;
  • When the pattern will be completely ready, the place begins and ends must be carefully disguise.
  • Variety of methods for embroidery on the grid

    This embroidery can be done in two different ways - a weaving and darning.

    • embroidery using braided fashionIt meant by a thread passing through the cell by means of a snake. Thus it is necessary to leave the working thread only in the grid - position above or below. With the two sides should twine only every second thread on the upper side. To pattern was more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to fill in the cells often enough. If they have a large size, for maximum strength you need to stretch one or two threads. Thus, the cell will become smaller, and the pattern will be durable;
    • darning way - is stitching thread patternalong the cell, performing a warp function. Next you need to repeat embroidery across, and thus leave the longitudinal threads at the top and bottom line. Cells must remind patching. In case small size foundations or embroidery yarns made thick enough - they must be filled with two stitches. Direction is selected in this case horizontal and vertical. If used for a thin thread or small cell, it is necessary to make a few stitches.

    How to finish the embroidery on the grid

    Any embroidery on the grid must be correctly completed. Perform work in a few simple ways:

  • Releasing them at the beginning of the end of needlework. It should be as gently as possible to link the beginning and end of sewing. Lace is made in such a way that it was the most flat and did not stand out from the crowd;
  • The thread is stretched exclusively at the edges of cells, which have already been stitched. To carry out this process is necessary so that the working thread is securely attached. Further, it can be easy to trim.
  • Needlewoman can choose the mostoptimum working method for fixing the filament to the grid. Particular attention in this matter should be paid to the thickness of the thread used for embroidery. If it is thick, it is better to finish the job by using the first method. Otherwise, the pattern boundaries on the one hand and will look ugly more tightly.
    Finished embroidery can be usedas a separate gift. Some needlewoman insert their work in picture frames to make a gift to friends and family. This may be a unique decorative element at the time of registration of a variety of handicrafts.

    The use of embroidery on the grid in the modern world

    There are some basic ideas to help you use ready-made patterns, embroidered on the grid:

    • thanks to this product can be used as a stand for hot meals;
    • Embroidery can be tight on a cardboard box, in order to become part of a large amount of jewelry, or a cover for gift boxes;
    • embroidery patterns on the grid to decorate towels, tablecloths, as well as many other things.

    Masterclass Embroidery bands on the grid

    Skilled needlewoman is recommended forWork mosquito net, because it has some differences from the plastic canvas. This framework includes the main advantage - it is the location of the rows of cells are not at right angles. Skilled workers can break the finished work to the best squares. The direction of the embroidery should go only on the angle and strictly diagonally.

  • We must take the square and rectangular cut piece of necessary size;
  • Podirat yarn can be of different colors. It is recommended to use a thick thread of two colors. For example, white and black color;
  • The needle vdevaetsya white thread;
  • Work should begin with the lower left corner and go up strictly diagonally;
  • Note that the needle should go exclusively to the front of the grid. Thus it is necessary to pass exactly three cells;
  • The fifth in a row cell, the needle need to withdraw down the wrong side;
  • When the first row is made, there is no need to break off the thread. Strictly necessary to move backwards and only in parallel;
  • Thus, the need to perform a series of three, then the color of the thread needs to be replaced;
  • To perform further work is necessary to carry out all the steps described above.

  • grid embroidery needle women all help to create a great and unique in its kind of thing. They can be an excellent gift or Prezent for any event.

    Video: different techniques of embroidery on the grid