Embroidery on paper options for creativity with their own hands

Embroidery on paper options for creativity with their own hands


Embroidery on paper is a special kind of embroidery,Original and very interesting. Such embroidery, somewhere akin to the construction of a variety of products using threads. This handcraft is hand-made, it's best to do it
. Embroidery on paper can be flat or three-dimensional, the subjects of figures and ornaments varied.
Here the basic techniques of the classicalEmbroidery, but somewhat adapted specifically to such material. Not every paper is suitable for this kind of needlework. Perform better on dense types: embroider on cardboard or paper with a velvet coating. The contour of the pattern, transferred by means of a template, is allocated with holes. Threads can take any, everything depends on your desire and imagination. Embroidery on paper, made by own hands, can decorate various household items, postcards and paintings, frames for these paintings, caskets and stuff. Such needlework is available to any of us, since the tools and tools for it are available in every home.

Embroidery on Perforated Paper

Very interesting needlework associated with embroideryOn perforated paper. It, unfortunately, is more developed in the west than in our regions. But in the modern world such creativity very quickly spreads, and conquers new regions. Our task today is to understand how to quickly and easily master this technique of needlework, how to handle this fragile material and what products can be obtained from it. It is very convenient to make improvised gifts with your own hands, embroidering various patterns on perforated paper. Such embroidery allows you to make postcards, bookmarks and fur-tree toys. Edge is easy to process, the background can not be sewn completely. Such a gift is very cheap, and it is possible to combine several elements into one, which is very unusual.

It is not difficult to work with such embroidery, butBe sure to remember a few rules. It is necessary to know what embroidery is worth doing and which is not. In general, the perforated paper is produced in such a format, close to the canvas Aida-14. But unlike the canvas, it requires a more attentive and scrupulous attitude. Embroidering on fabric, we can use threads of a mule with a lot of additions. But this paper does not tolerate, it can simply tear. This must be taken into account, working with threads with a small number of additions. And if you are embroidering your own handiwork or gift, consider the norm. Optimum for paper, the density of which is 14 cells per inch, is embroidered by the number of yarn additions that we use on fabrics with a density of 18.
Very carefully and carefully choose howScheme, and thread. We recommend that you take the finest thread of a mulina. In this case, you do not risk tearing the paper with embroidery. This risk exists if you need to inject a needle into the same hole more than once. The threads that are best suited are soft and smooth, and not twisted. And one more important point must be remembered. It is necessary to watch whether the transitions of colors are noticeable against the light. If so, cover the underside with a fabric backing or use colored paper.
When the embroidery is finished, we cut the paper,Retreating one cell from the edge. The edge, trimmed with a ribbon or cord, looks very beautiful. But this is not necessary, you can leave the edges cut off. After the formation of the wrong side, cut off its edges. With the help of perforated paper perform such crafts, which from the fabric to make it difficult or even impossible. These are postcards, Christmas toys or even bookmarks. Still here you can include handicrafts made up of several embroidered parts.

Embroidery cards and Christmas toys

To fully understand what kind of craftsAre carried out by hand from embroidery on perforated paper, we will result some interesting examples in our opinion. First, we'll look at how to make postcards. We begin by embroidering on the perforated paper the plot required for this postcard. Having finished embroidering, cut off the unnecessary edges with scissors. The blank for our postcard is made from a colored base. Since in the perforation there are always holes and slots, through them such a background in color will look very nice. In this case, the simplest plot will acquire a special flavor and meaning. Postcards can be either single or folded. Folding postcards look very exotic and spectacular.

The next piece that we canRecommend doing it yourself, this is a Christmas tree toy. Such a toy can be made from several parts. Each part is embroidered separately, and then assembled together with glue and thread. This work looks very unusual and original.
An interesting effect is obtained by combining paperdifferent colors. We take the blanks of different sizes, overlay them, combining the centers, and embroider through two layers. Thus, we get a second contour of embroidery, which will also give it an identity.
Combined embroidery
Combined embroidery on perforated paper Mardi Gras

There is another version of the combination. This time, let's talk about how to combine embroidery on fabric with embroidery on perforated paper. This may seem strange to you, but you can do it. If we consider the embroidery of Mardi Gras, it can be noted that it uses the usual cotton floss, metal threads, beads and even peacock feathers. But from paper made only carnival mask, imitating a butterfly. I think you like this spectacular craft, is not it?

Next craft yourself withPerforated paper, this is 3D embroidery. Since any paper is easy to fold, you can try to do such a craft. The edges of the paper are easy and simple, so you can make a box for jewelry or rings.
Perforated paper tab

And one more craft that can be made by hand from embroidery on perforated paper, this

Scheme for embroidering a bookmark on perforated paper

Simple bookmark. Here is an example of making a bookmark. For this we need:

  • Paper velvet white;
  • Perforated paper;
  • Threads of a moulin;
  • The pencil is simple;
  • A pin or a needle;
  • Scissors;
  • Needles for embroidery.
  • Cut out a strip of white velvet warp. Its size should be slightly larger than the embroidery pattern. We embroider a cross by a counting scheme with a thread folded in half. We begin the embroidery from the center. When the embroidery is finished, it must be glued to the face of the velvet paper. Our bookmark is ready.

    Rules of embroidery

    Embroidering on perforated paper it is desirable to follow certain rules:

  • Use needles 24 and 26 numbers;
  • Do not make broaches on the back in those places that are not filled with embroidery on the front side;
  • Do not flush with water, wipe them with an eraser;
  • Embroider only with clean hands, so as not to stain your work;
  • In case of a paper rupture, it can be repaired. Glue another piece of paper with tape and sew stitches through both layers;
  • You can cut the edge of the work with denticles, glue the tape or sew;
  • In case of paper crushing, it should be ironed;
  • Glue the back, and then trim the edge;
  • You can make embroidery on weight. You can also attach paper to the rails with buttons;
  • When working with a Christmas tree, you can embroider the reverse side. Then fasten it to the front;
  • There is a possibility of lamination of the finished embroidery, this will make it much stronger and, accordingly, will extend the service life;
  • If the paper is of the same quality on both sides, then embroidery can be started on any of them. If not, then embroider on a smooth side.

  • In former times it was customary to embroider on paperDifferent phrases and sayings. It looks very beautiful, because the letters turn out to be similar to the usual hand letter. To do this, embroidery was used semi-cross, or
    . Most often used different shades of red. Embroidered also ornaments in the form of flowers and vines, braiding inscriptions.
    Lost in the early 20th century, its relevancePerforated paper, now again actively enters into fashion. This embroidery saves time for those skilled workers who complain about his absence. Convenience is also in the ease of processing the edges, which in turn will also save your time. Carefully refer to the selection of the scheme for embroidery. It should be a small picture for postcards, toys or bookmarks. And one more plus is that perforated paper is the only sole material that allows to make pre-made embroidered hand-made articles.

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