Embroidery for the kitchen with his hands in the schemes

Embroidery for the kitchen with his hands in the schemes


Our mothers and grandmothers once addictedembroidery cross, and created with the help of an unusually beautiful, original and colorful paintings. Besides using conventional crosses, they not only decorated the clothes, but also turns into a tablecloth, napkins, and even pot holders in works of art.

Embroidered napkins for the kitchen

Today we look at a beautiful embroidered napkin with autumn leaves, acorns and chestnuts.
As a rule, in the kitchen we spend enougha lot of your time, as there we not only cook, but also to eat, and sometimes meet guests. That is why the embroidery to the kitchen to be colorful, bright and elegant.
Now we will tell you how
motives. But before we begin our small master class, let's prepare all the necessary materials and tools:

  • white cloth (size 40 x 40 cm);
  • needle;
  • thread "Molyneux";
  • scissors.

Get started with a study of the best schemes to later on is not distracted:

As you have probably already guessed, ourEmbroidery in the kitchen is done by counting scheme. Also worth noting additionally that embroider the pattern we will cross folded with strings "Molyneux" 3 times. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that we work by capturing the 2 × 2 yarns of the fabric.

When autumn embroidery to the kitchen is complete, you will need to iron napkins from the wrong side and treat the edges if necessary.
Using the scheme for embroidery chestnuts, acorns and yellowing of leaves, you can "draw" on napkins several small "objects"
Or vice versa on each napkin make one large image, using all the same circuit.
The photo shows that such additional napkins decorated with embroidery and fringes on the edges. This makes them look more elegant and refined.
Whatever scheme you choose for your work,most importantly, remember that the embroidery on the kitchen should fit in style to your decor. Also doily embroidered with their hands should be neat and beautiful, not only from the front, but from the inside, because you would not like it if your guests during the busy feast accidentally turning a nice napkin will see its flaws.

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