Embroidery girl with a kitten under the scheme

Embroidery girl with a kitten under the scheme


Embroidery children cross - is one of the mostnice handicrafts that can be. After all, children - this is happiness, joy and great pride of their parents, who live only for their sake. Continuing the theme of embroidery in the cross technique, we invite you to consider examples of schemes with the image of little girls holding hands in the kittens. It is such a cute and funny show. In these pictures lies so much warmth and love of children to animals.

The process of embroidery

This scheme is perfect forInterior nursery. It shows a little girl with a kitten. In her pink cheek a tear can be seen, apparently, the girl upset about something, and the little kitten brought her a flower. Her sad eyes and a pug wear and blonde hair attracted his attention that I want to know, which is why she was crying. For work you need the following list of materials:

  • thread floss colors required;
  • canvas;
  • the hoop;
  • needle and scissors;
  • circuit and washable marker.

Make marks on the canvas using the pen. Then start
convenient place. The girl with a kitten need to embroider the cross in the art. Upon completion of the work, the image contours of sewn stitches way "back needle". In this case, certain elements of the image smoothed out and become more smooth. Then rinse the canvas in warm soapy water and dry the squeezing. The finished work put in a frame and hang on the wall.

The following diagram depicts the girl sitting on thea chair and holding a kitten in her arms. A second kitten waits for the same and take it in his arms and stroked his hair. With this color scheme, you will not only correctly pick up shades of floss, according to the key, but also be able to choose the color scheme, which is more suited to your interior.

Artists and designers have tried very workingon the following image. The thread colors fit perfectly, so that there is a smooth transition lines from one color to another. Embroidering this girl, you wonder how the stitch by stitch will come out a real masterpiece of children's embroidery.
Embroider children cross - is solidpleasure. Even better, when they are depicted with animals. Another scheme is the girl with the kitten will be presented to you. This cute little girl looks out the window, holding her doll. And at her feet sits a little kitten, and likely asking for a hand.

Picture thread embroidery floss in a fewadditions, or rather two or three. In order not to get lost in the process, on the mark scheme has embroidered crosses. The completed product is also soaked in water and dry without wringing. Iron the fabric of warm iron on the reverse side and insert into the frame. Now embroidery girl with a kitten in the Technology Cross is fully ready.

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