hedgehogs Embroidery on schemes

hedgehogs Embroidery on schemes


Despite the fact that the hedgehog is covered with sharpthorns, it is still very funny. All begin to melt at the sight of this little creature. Basically urchins are common in the autumn, when they put on weight before hibernation. So that until the spring no one sees. If you want to lodge a hedgehog in his house, then do embroidery in the cross technique to hang this picture on the wall. We invite you to embroider the animal on the proposed schemes in this article.

Embroidery funny hedgehog

Before you start sewing, prepare a small list of materials:

  • canvas;
  • the hoop;
  • floss colored threads with a needle.

This is perhaps all the materials that you mayuseful work. This scheme is not large in size. So that it can handle even an inexperienced newcomer. The size is 75 by 74 crosses. If the value of the cross canvas is 2 to 2 mm, then the finished product is 15 to 15 cm. Given the free field of the canvas with hem, it is necessary to cut out a square canvas scale of 25 to 25 cm. It means that the hoop would require twenty-two centimeters in diameter. You can of course be guided by the color with a key to the scheme, but do not forget about their perception of colors.
Canvas should be pre-sheathe, that it does notIt crumbled during the working process. Then decide the web center. If you have already done, then mark it with a pencil. Many masters put labels disappearing marker, which is very easy to wash off with water. By the same token rascherchivayut whole canvas into segments, starting from the center.
Then insert the outline in the hoop and tuck thread floss in the needle of the color shown in the key. Measured from the center point of the launch of the canvas and start to take action, guided by the scheme.
Hedgehog on the scheme presented in the form of a hairdresserscissors. Such a pretty picture can be embroidered on a baby bedding or on the picture, which will hang in the nursery. In the process, be sure to recheck the circuit, so as not to be mistaken with the stitches. Since the image distortion is not easy to see at once. But then it is much ruin your work of art. The output will be only one - rip out whole rows of stitches, and it is quite time-consuming work.

To select urchin spines, sew them in the threadthree or four additions, while the general background they stand out more. In this article, you can find various schemes of a cross with the image of hedgehogs, choose the most favorite picture.
Everyone's favorite character is a famous cartoon"Hedgehog in the Fog" is also available in a cross pattern. Embroider your baby this cartoon hero and he will be happy about the fact that my mother had such a needlewoman. Such an image can be put on a t-shirt or kids raglan.

Another scheme is also possible to cross to embroiderclothes. Place the canvas on baby clothes and thoroughly fix the hoop. Embroider image in four additions floss. First Apply for large parts of the circuit, which are indicated in brown, and then all the other parts. French knot is performed in the place where the nose and depicts glazik.

Cross Schemes hedgehogs