Embroidery in the interior: schemes cross

Embroidery in the interior: schemes cross


In order to make the interior of your houseThe most beautiful and cozy, you need to make a lot of effort and spend enough time. Now, works made with their own hands are very popular. Basically - it's about embroidery in different techniques. For example, embroidery in the interior of a cross, help to emphasize the individual style of the house, and most importantly will give an atmosphere of coziness.

Embroidery for different rooms

With such needlework, as embroidery, you can draw up any room in the house. And most importantly, it will look very harmonious. The bedroom is best decorated
. For the interior you can embroider a blanket, blanket and even bed linen.
Embroidered characters from cartoons and fairy tales, which should be placed mainly on bed linens or on pictures, which hang around the perimeter of the room, fit into the children's room.
The most favorite place for needlewomen is the kitchen. In this part of the room there is where fantasy is roaming. Basically, the kitchen is decorated with cross stitch on napkins, waffle towels. Beautiful festive tablecloth embroider on the edges of flowers or other images. On the wall you can hang an original panel with embroidery of still lifes, baskets with fruits and flowers, as well as elements of a tea ceremony. All these details will help to provide comfort and a warm atmosphere.

For the corridor and the hallway, the housekeepers create their own hands, which also decorate with embroidery in the technique of the cross. And also hang small pictures within. In any case, the interior will immediately change.

Schemes of interior embroidery

Since the constant decoration of the kitchenAre engaged more often. We suggest to consider interesting schemes for embroidering a cross. For the first example you will need a thread of a mulina of several shades. Take a red and coral color for work.

Begin the work from the middle of the product. The main thing is to constantly check the diagram. To get the beautiful technique of a cross and a semi cross, you need to embroider a mulina, which is folded in 2 times. And for the seam "back needle", work with a thread in 1 addition. Each successive cross is overlapped by two threads of matter according to the height level, and in the same way the width.
To embroider beautiful napkins in Oriental styleFor the interior, you must purchase the threads of the mulina of those colors that are indicated in the key of the scheme. Fine sakura branches are embroidered from the middle, with a gradual movement to the edges of the product. The cross is executed by the mulina in several additions, and the seam "back the needle" into one thread. This pattern can be applied not only to napkins, but also to tablecloths too.

Embroider embroidery with green peas embroideryLeaves and antennae. To work, you need a canvas measuring 22 by 22 and a floss of the shade that is needed by the key. A pod of peas is embroidered not only as part of a large pattern, but also as a single image, for other kitchen and textile accessories. The peas are embroidered from the central part, with a smooth transition to the edges of the product. The technique of the cross is made with a thread in 2 additions. Each seam must cover one cell of the canvas. Thanks to the juicy green color, your interior will be more saturated.

By the festive table, you can embroider twisted ivy. To do this, you need to buy a tape from the canvas, the width of which will be five centimeters with a white edge.
It is necessary to retreat from the left side of the tape fiveCentimeters, and embroider the leaves on the left side to the right. To embroider a pattern it is necessary to finish in five centimeters from the right side of a product. Follow the diagram and the prompts for its key, create all the necessary elements for the picture. The boundaries of the ivy petals are highlighted in red. The technique is made by a moulin, which is folded in half. Seam "back needle" perform in one addition. Stitches cover one cell.

And in conclusion, we suggest you embroider hilariousA picture that necessarily raises the mood, when you see it. In work, a light canvas and threads are useful for one hank of each shade. Like previous examples, this pattern is embroidered from the center, gradually moving to the edges. The technique of the cross is made folded mulina, and the seam "back needle" - without addition. One stitch occupies two cells. If you pay attention to some details, you will see that the stitches remind a little of pencil sketches.

As you could see, the interior of the house can be decorated with various elements with embroidery. Just do not forget one thing, do not go overboard with the decor and mix interior styles.

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