Embroidery on knitted products: technology implementation seams

Embroidery on knitted products: technology implementation seams


Embroidery on knitted products - a very simple form of needlework. It is able to make even the most ordinary thing to see with different eyes.

Features Embroidery on knitted fabric

As each needlework, this embroidery has its own characteristics that make interesting clothes, attractive:

  • patterns on the material is not transferred. Exclusion can make complex drawings;
  • thread for the job are selected regardless of the fabric structure;
  • You can not pull or stretch the canvas. Otherwise broken pattern and structure of the material;
  • to the hoop for knitted fabric can be sewn only if allows the fabric quality. "Loose", rough or synthetic structure decorated without the use of this tool.

Work with a pattern

Decorate the image can be any clothes. Equally beautiful ornaments look at sports, casual, elegant, children's and adult products. The main thing that knitting, needlework which will be carried out, had the same structure. As for the thread, there is allowed to use wool, viscose, silk, metallic. Depending on the pattern can be combined. To give the product a special splendor individual elements of embroidery can be made with beads, sequins, beads, or beads. Apply a pattern on clothing in three ways.

  • The image should be done on transparent papersuch as tracing paper, simple stitches to sew the material along the contour of the scheme. Further, the paper is removed and remains on the fabric pattern outline which follows sew;
  • The use of non-woven fabrics. The image is made on a paper sheet and cut. You can make the blank as a single whole picture, and cut out all the parts separately. Such schemes using iron priparivayutsya to clothing. As it is done embroidery, usually bilateral embroidery;
  • The easiest way - is improvisation. On the canvas should be noted the proposed boundaries of drawing and giving free rein to imagination to decorate on your own.
  • Types of embroidery stitches on jerseys

    Jerseys - a special material. To figure on such things seemed appropriate to use special types of stitches and techniques.
    Hemstitch. This method of decoration is one of the easiest. Threads should be fixed on the top of the selected loop. Needle stretches over two and under two threads of such a way that they are twisted around each other and thread. Operation can be seen in the diagram.

    Openwork holes. This embroidery is created by machining holes bilateral stitches. It looks nice, if for work to take a contrasting thread.

    Rococo. Such needlework performed on the front side. The thread is secured without the node, the method by inserting through the loop several times. The needle extends through the web. On it is necessary to screw a few turns of thread. Hold the spiral finger a needle is necessary to bring through.

    The loop stitch (loop the loop). This is done embroidery on the things only from the front. The point of the embroidery - stitches to perform knitting loops. It is performed both horizontally and vertically. To perform such crafts along the binding, should be fixed at the bottom of the thread loops, thread the needle under stenochki loops, which is located above and to return back through the base element. Then the thread returns the top to the bottom of the following tabs. A feature of this method is the embroidery that each stitch density should correspond mating tension force.

    Columns by this method are carried out similarlyhorizontal embroidery, but in the vertical direction. The thread is stretched at the base of knitted loops is sent for stenochki overlying element back through the base of the front loop. Again rises to the next loop base.

    Swiss embroidery. This needlework is done by the "loop in the loop." Its feature is that the pattern is very similar to knitting. To distinguish that this embroidery is possible only with careful consideration. Swiss embroidery You can do almost any image. This method significantly tightens knitted product. Therefore, it is very often used to further strengthen the elements of clothes for children. For example, pants knees or elbows in a sweater.

    Cross. Cross Stitch for the knitted fabric is made as well as for normal tissue. That is, by pulling the thread diagonally.

    Honeycomb. For this embroidery thread should stretch in two loops are located at a certain distance. Wrap the thread portion of two - three times, and tighten firmly. Threading up - down and repeat the manipulation.

    . The stitches in the embroidery performed obliquely. In other words, the way work is done "half-cross."

    Lace Up. For this method, the thread must be secured in the proper location. Needle sticks on the front side and wound two - three turns of the strings. The needle returns to the underside near the place of pulling strings there.

    The loop in the attached. The thread is passed in the middle of the image of the future. Retreat several loops (depending on the element) and display. Entwine thread once around the needle is passed through the web, we derive a thread in the center of the picture. We perform such manipulations with all the elements. Usually this method

    Finishing a sweater

    Beautifully it looks like a sweater decorated with embroidered patterns. Even the most ordinary pullover with a picture will get interesting, stylish look.
    To work required:

    • sweater (preferably solid, smooth);
    • large needle;
    • colored threads.

    Vdevaetsya Thread a needle and is secured at the desired location. method "loop in the loop" is used for embroidery on this knitting.
    Pre-mark the dimensions and contours of the scheme. The simplest picture is simple. Due to the structure of the knitted fabric. It's easy to calculate the required number of stitches. The picture created by the gradual mending of each row. This method is perfectly mimics embroidery knitted pattern. It is almost impossible to distinguish. It is easily possible to create not only the adult clothing, but also on children's sweaters.

    How to sew the heart on a knitted material

    First, draw a pencil outline of the scheme. Then, in a thick needle is inserted into the appropriate thread colors and displayed on the face. Embroider by the "loop in the loop."
    The first stitch is done in the upper middle,loop, one loop is lower than the marked pattern. Lace is not fastened. A string is attached to the wrong side by pulling it in the sash loops knitted a couple of times. Each stitch should look like the Latin letter «V» .tak pattern can be embroidered only on the circuit, and it is possible to sew all the field of heart. Done! Similar images can be decorated with socks or children blouse.


    Embroidery and Knitting always complement eachother. Almost every embroidery pattern can be played back on the jerseys. Make a similar decor can be both a new model, and the things that are no longer worn. Any clothing with a similar finish always looks special and unique.

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