Embroidery letters of the Russian alphabet and font schemes examples

Embroidery letters of the Russian alphabet and font schemes examples


There are many products made with their own hands(And not only), where you have to leave the label. These may include:.. Cover for a passport, the metric for a child or to a memorable day, etc. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are a lot of different schemes, where the embroidery of the Russian alphabet letters, and plays a major role is performed by different techniques. Particularly useful for this purpose, cross-stitch. embroidery cross schemes simply to calculate and place on the fabric or clothing. Cross-Stitched letters and numbers will be exactly the same height and size, you will only need to carefully observe the circuit pattern.

The most simple fonts for cross stitch

Since the cross-stitch can be performed in a variety of styles, and the fonts you want to use are different.
The height of the letters a few crosses,therefore, the inscription will be of small size. With the help of this scheme you can sign embroidered painting, embroidered or congratulation on a greeting card. The figures also present in the diagram and are the same size. Small fonts better monochromatic embroidery thread of contrasting color, so they are not lost on the general background.
Fonts larger size does not necessarily have to be more complex. They take up more space on the embroidery, but also will be more visible. Schemes simple, and perfect for young fans of needlework.

Inscriptions cross for kids

Decorate the children's letters can be the little things: a handkerchief, linen, accessories for kindergarten (bib, towel). Through inscriptions child never confuse their belongings.
For children older can embroider aalphabet, and place it in the form of a panel or a game pad. For such products need a large piece of light-colored canvas. Pre-need to determine how the letters will be placed in the picture, mark the outline Basting stitches, and only after that to work. Letters embroidered cross, one or different colors. As background for each letter embroidered image of the object. Colors need to pick up bright and subjects - familiar to the child. ABC You can also perform differently. To this end, in the middle of the canvas sewn by the scheme all the letters of the alphabet, and on the edges of the fabric - pictures of animals, toys, household items. Images can be selected individually, boys - cars, boats, and girls - butterflies, dolls, flowers. If your child loves animals, the alphabet zoo is a perfect gift.
The logical complement to the letters to be numbers.

Gifts with embroidered letters

Gifts decorated with a hand-embroidered,show man that treated him warmly. Wedding towel - this is the most important product, in which there are embroidered letters. Depending on its style, fonts can be plain or fancy, with vegetative curls, colors, and symbols using oberezhnoy floss different colors. For such a product, you can buy ready-made blank, already finished edges. When letters embroidery cross, make sure that the workpiece is a suitable uniform weave, that the letters are ready retained proportional sizes.

Turn a simple scarf to the original thing,You can use the beautiful monograms. For it is better to fit with italic fonts, letters embroidery schemes should be openwork, decorated with monograms and swirls.

When embroidery monograms, please note thatWrong side of the product will be visible, and therefore should look most carefully. Embroidering cross, to pass the whole scheme polukrestikami in one direction and the back - to the contrary, this technique will create ideal inside out.

Embroidered numbers

For the numbers range of applications, of course smaller thanfor the letters, but this is compensated by multiple variants of embroidery, as well as their artistry. The most popular subject of the interior, where there is a cross embroidered figures - a wall clock. For the production of such crafts can be used the usual Arabic or Roman numerals stylish.

Create a scheme for embroidery, from the liked drawing the font, you can use special software.

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