Embroidery on a hat: patterns in different techniques (photo and video)

Embroidery on a hat: patterns in different techniques (photo and video)


Everyone has in his wardrobe hats forDifferent times of the year. And each of them can be decorated in any way, from embroidery threads and ending with embroidery beads. The most important thing is that even a nondescript headdress can become a fashionable and beautiful accessory. We suggest that you consider some examples of embroidering the hats.

Ideas for embroidery

We decorate the hat with embroidery floss Using suchThread, you can embroider on the cap in fact any picture. To do this, use a headdress of monochrome color and knitted without convex ornaments, since the picture looks better on flat surface. If nevertheless on a product there are large patterns by means of a mulina them it is possible to underline simply, having allocated bright colors. Embroidery on the head is made both around the product, small patterns, and large ornaments in front or on the sides.

Beads pattern No less beautiful, maybe evenBetter, look hats with embroidery of beads. For such work, you will need to purchase beads of several colors, a transparent line and a thin needle. If there is no fishing line, then embroider a simple thread. Complex and ornate patterns are not suitable for beads, as they will not look very nice. It is better to use the simplest ornament. Even it, the beads can make very effective. The use of transparent glass will make the cap shiny, and colored stones will give the headgear more brightness. When embroidering, be careful not to pull the product off. Otherwise, the pattern on the cap will be skewed, and the product itself will be taken up by wrinkles and irregularities.

Design of children's hats
Completely differently decorated hat for children. If you do not have the previous examples, then decorate the product in other ways. Many mothers decorate the hat with brooches or badges. Doing this, it is necessary to ensure that the decoration does not delay the threads of the headdress.
If the beads are not suitable for embroidery,Use large colored beads. From them make a children's pattern or sew them loose throughout the surface of the product. There are other variants of embroidery on the hat. For example, get a ready-made applique from the artificial material in the store, and sew it to the cap. Ready-made applique is also supplemented with decorative buttons, shiny sequins and other materials that are sewn with iridescent threads or ribbons. On the Internet, you can find many examples
, Which will be relevant for the headgear.
Let's give an example of a simple children's knitted cap. To embroider it with an elementary pattern, you will need a darning needle and a black thread. The picture will be made in the form of a cat's face. In the central part of the product, embroider the nose of the cat, which is an inverted triangle. Then a little back, place to the top and embroider the round shape of the eye, leaving one loop untouched so that the eyes look more expressive. At the very end, make a small mouth and mustache.

Embroidery ribbons
Embroidering ribbons, you must first knowknowing of limits. The cap, made rough knitted, is not at all combined with thin silk ribbons. You need to carefully think through and follow the matching of the texture and color of the materials, so as not to get the final result, which you already do not please.
Basically, floral prints are embroidered on the hatsFrom satin ribbons. If you own knitting needles, then knit the cap so that it initially came up under the future floral pattern. If not, then before the needlework should be fitted satin ribbons to the place where the ornament will be made, to see what kind it will all have.
In this article, we only presented you withA few superficial examples from the great number that exists in needlework. As you have already seen, with the help of embroidery, you can update and even transform things that have lost their appearance and become completely uninteresting. Do not be afraid to experiment, because this affects the transformation of your wardrobe. A video lesson will show you how to decorate a knitted product.

Video: Embroidery in knitwear