Embroidery on T-shirts: manual and machine way (photo)

Embroidery on T-shirts: manual and machine way (photo)


Embroidery can not only diversify itsClothes, but also give it personality. Patterns are applied to the material by their own hands or ordered in specialized ateliers. It can be various drawings, inscriptions or abstract patterns. Basically, embroidery is done on summer T-shirts. It is only necessary to embroider some exclusive pattern or print, as soon as a thing turns into a design. We suggest that you consider several master classes with photos in order to find out how the pattern is embroidered on the T-shirt with your own hand and with the help of a sewing machine.

Stitch on the T-shirt

The most common method of decorating T-shirts is
. This technique is used even by world fashion brands of clothing. To decorate your shirt in this way, you will need a list of materials:

  • Suitable embroidery scheme;
  • T-shirt knitted or cotton;
  • Several colors of threads of a mulina;
  • Needles for embroidery;
  • disappearing marker;
  • Embroidery frame.

A printed or purchased chart for embroidery,Lay out in front of you on the table. From above put a T-shirt, which will perfectly shine through the picture. Then transfer the image with a marker on the fabric of the product. Try to repeat exactly the curls of the ornament.

After you have finished with the redrawing,Fasten part of the T-shirt with a pattern in the embroidery frame. You can start the first stage of work - embroidery of stems with petals of a flower ornament. The work is done in the "forward needle" technique, during which it is necessary to leave a little space between the stitches. The edges of the leaves are embroidered with a stalk seam, and the inner part of these elements will be made two-sided.

Flowers should be a burgundy color, since such aThe shade will look bright and catch your eye. From this, embroidery will look even more noticeable on the T-shirt. At this stage of work, use the technique of a simple double-sided smoothness. Gradually moving the hoop along the sectors, you can embroider the whole ornament.

As a result, you will get such a wonderful T-shirt, embroidered with your own hands, as demonstrated in the photo.

Machine embroidery pattern on a T-shirt

What can I do with a T-shirt to make itAgain new and more interesting. The only way out is to make the original embroidery on it using a typewriter. Prepare for working process a knitted t-shirt without a pattern, threads of black color, scissors and paper for image templates.

Use a thing that was previouslyWashed and well ironed. The presence of even small folds can lead to a catastrophe. If such a small wrinkle bends under the foot of the sewing machine, the whole thing will be simply deformed and skewed. Print out the images you would like to embroider on the T-shirt. In this master class, several different elements are proposed at once: feather, key and other small fragments. Mark the disappearing marker where you want the embroidered chain to be embroidered. Fragments are cut not by the contour, but by a square.

Paper templates should be placed on a T-shirt,To preview where they will be located. Under the material, a small detachment of non-woven fabric should be placed in the place where the patterns will be embroidered. Flizelin will not allow the fabric to stretch. On the upper side lies the picture, which is traced by the machine along the contour and along the internal line of the image. The photo shows how the first picture will look.

So, you need to gradually embroiderAll the remaining pictures. Do everything very carefully so that matter does not twist. And then the drawings may not be on the chain, but in some other place. In the end, small pictures will be placed in the place where you imagined them. At the very last turn, the chain itself is embroidered.

Now the work is finished completely. Embroidery on jerseys from knitwear is not convenient because there is a high probability of stretching the product and the risk of embroidering a not even line and zigzagging. However, after doing this several times, you will not make mistakes in the future.

Video: Embroidery with a T-shirt logo machine