Embroidery on a sweater with your own hands (photo and video material)

Embroidery on a sweater with your own hands (photo and video material)


To decorate your sweater in a stylish and original way,You can embroider beautiful drawings in your own technique, for example, smooth, cross-stitch or ribbons. From this article you will learn how to apply the decor on the thing so that the sweater looked associated with the pattern, rather than separately.

Geometrical embroidery of sweater

If a sweater is bought in a store, then it already hasReady-made machine embroidery. But, how often can you find in your wardrobe things that have a usual ordinary look. If the product is made of smooth viscous, it will not be difficult to decorate it with an interesting decorative or geometric pattern. To work you will only need a large needle and yarn of the color that you like best.

Thread the yarn into the needle, tying at the end of the threadNode. Now start embroidering. In this case, you can take for yourself the knitting ranks. The needle will repeat the course of the loops, under which it will pass.

Returning to the starting position, you will get such a stitch, which somehow resembles a bird. This photo demonstrates this process.

Do embroidery based on the finished product mucheasier. Such work will be pleasant to many, as it is very simple to calculate a pattern on the eyelets. When making correct stitches, you will gradually fill the void on the sweater until the desired image appears.

We embroider flowers smoothly

Using the following example, you can decorateWith their own hands, clothes, combining several techniques in one, namely appliqué and embroidery with a smooth surface. Such an occupation will appeal not only to you, but also to your children. They will gladly take up the creative process to decorate with their original embroidery and their sweaters too.

To work, you need a small list of materials that are always at hand at each needlewoman:

  • Embroidery scheme;
  • A cut of matter on which embroidery will be performed;
  • Marker and scissors;
  • Multicolored threads of a floss;
  • Embroidery frame.

Transfer the selected pattern to the material using the marker. Then insert the fabric into the embroidery frame in such a way that the tension is sufficiently tight.

For larger volume, you can insert into the needleOne string of mulina, but several at once. Thus, the drawing will be much more noticeable. This example of embroidery for a sweater, is made in the technique of a one-sided smooth surface, that is, a three-dimensional image will only be on the front side of the product. On the underside there will be only separate stitches.

Follow the pattern until the flowers are completely embroidered. At the end of the process, remove the fabric from the embroidery frame.

Then cut out the scissors with the finished embroidery, leaving one centimeter of fabric around the edges. This is done for greater convenience, while sewing your own hands drawing to the sweater.

Sew appliqué with a wide decorative stitch to the sweater, starting from the wrong side.

Just embroider the pattern will not work, because the sweaterMade thick viscous, but you can decorate it with a ready-made applique without problems. Thanks to this technology, it became possible to decorate any clothes with all kinds of beautiful embroidery. And most importantly, what is skill, it is quite affordable even for children.

With the help of such embroidery, which wasShown above in the text, you can make out not only clothes, but also home textiles, for example, kitchen towels, tablecloths, various underwear. Increasingly, craftsmen resort to such an ancient craft as embroidery to create an original decor for simple things.

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