Embroidery on the towel stitch (scheme)

Embroidery on the towel stitch (scheme)


Embroidery on the towel is rooted deep enough. Its progenitor can rightly be considered
. A towel or towels accompany humanthroughout life. The first and basic rule - it is the wrong side of the ideal. On the reverse side it should be as neat as a person. Firstly, it's beautiful, and secondly, it is unlikely you will like to rub on the skin nodules using such towels. It looks great on towels bilateral cross-stitch. With this embroidery front side it is not just looks neat and practically indistinguishable from the outside.

What is embroidery on towels

Towels with embroidery can meet you inmany places. For example, in hotels, restaurants or private clinics. Many companies, hotels and restaurants use towels with sewn or embroidered logo. And the design of the logo, of course, is developed individually for each. Of course, they need a large number of such products. And as the hands are master volume is not possible, there are many companies that perform machine embroidery on towels on request. In addition, these towels are made with their own hands, will become an excellent gift to friends, acquaintances or relatives. Surely every kid rejoice funny towel with colorful fish, replacing the dull monochromatic bath towels for swimming. Let us look at a few options decoration of this necessary for any home textile object. After all, with the help of our life can become not only more convenient, but also more beautiful.

Towel nominal

Surely your pet will like the idearegistered towels. Use the ready-made schemes with a name or collect the inscription of letters of the alphabet, made in different styles. This diagram shows the letters, decorated with roses. You can take out of them a whole name or use one as initials. For each letter rebuffing used thirteen colors. Of these, as many as five shades of green. Work is performed in Counted Cross technique. More absolutely no stitches in this paper are not used. Except beksticha on the petals of roses. The size of each letter in the sixty and seventy crosses. It can be used as a white outline and color.

But you can choose the whole name of the scheme. It can be absolutely simple and monochrome or dilute some small details or elements.
For example, the name is embroidered just one color in any shade suitable for background.

Embroider towel with logo

If the one you love is a fan ofany company or team, it can be embroidered for him a towel with the logo. You can even come up with a product with its own logo. As an example, consider a small circuit with the famous logo of the manufacturer. For such shemki best to choose a white background. In general, logos occupy a small area, so it is best not to embroider them, as usual, on the strips and used under a piece of water-soluble embroidery canvas. In this small study uses six colors. The work is very simple, because the colors are just one after the other in the form of strips. Embroidery on towels with a logo quickly executed, because it contains a bit of color and has a small size.

Bath towels with embroidery

Decorate using bright interesting embroiderybeach and bath towels. This idea will be appreciated by the smallest representatives of your family. Kids will be happy to towel, which depicts the brightest representatives of the underwater world, or favorite cartoon characters. As a rule, embroidery on towels for the bathroom is performed on a strip of the canvas and then sutured. For example, you can use the wonderful scheme with colorful fish. In this study 26 colors for the crosses used. And bekstich three colors and even French knots. In the upper left corner of the picture you can see the key with the corresponding icon numbers of threads. In this vein designation given to thread the two manufacturers. This line of LCA and Anchor. The diagram is marked by black arrows in the middle. After the embroidery is completed, it should be washed in cool water, pat and sew using a towel
and pre-tucked edge of the canvas. Of course, the thread for sewing necessary to choose the color of the canvas. And another important point. The needle, which you will sew the fabric of a towel should have a sharp tip.

Kitchen Towels

A perfect decoration for the kitchen will be embroiderywaffle towels. Such a gift to be able to please any owner. If you want to portray something multicolored with lots of detail, it is better to use water-soluble canvas. But if you pick up a pattern easier, then it will be easy to embroider directly on the cells of the towels. For example, here are the hearts. For rebuffing such a scheme will require only two colors of thread. Red and pink. Centre scheme is designated the black arrow. Not bad look at all kinds of waffle towels ornaments and patterns. They can be sewn with one or two colors.

Of course, more complex schemes to embroidercells of towels much more difficult, but there is still everything will depend on the size and shape of cells. Sometimes they are too large or have a rectangular shape. All this complicates the process of embroidery. Consider a more complex scheme for kitchen towels, which contains as many as three of the ornament. To perform this towel with embroidery, you will need a lot more colors. The side of the circuit has a key indicating thread colors. In addition to the cross on the kind of work should be used stitch "back needle".
This embroidery will be welllook on towels, which have inserts for embroidery. Or you can do it using a water-soluble canvas or the same fleece with mesh applied, which will correspond to a particular county Aida.

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