Orchid Embroidery cross under the scheme

Orchid Embroidery cross under the scheme


Orchid flower is considered to be the most beautifuland unique plant on our land. A wide variety of types and colors is striking in its versatility. This flower is widespread in countries with warm and hot climate. Its natural habitat on the bark of trees. Nowadays, orchids have become household favorite flowers, which stand on the windowsill in almost every housewife. But this is not always the plant can settle down at home. If you want to permanently capture its flowering, then sew the image on the canvas in the technique of cross orchids. In this case, such a picture for a long time to complement your interior.

Beauty embroidered orchid

Embroidery cross orchid is practically no different from other embroidery colors. To embroider the first scheme, you will need the following list of materials:

  • floss thread, which will correspond to the key;
  • canvas and hoop;
  • disappearing marker;
  • needle and scissors;
  • mats;
  • scheme.

In the present scheme involved a relativelysmall number of different colors of threads. Therefore, with this kind of work to cope any aspiring needlewoman, which is not a lot of spare time. Basically all image cross embroider technique. And in the end you need to make a stitch "back needle" to give a clear picture of the circuit.
The finished product is recommended to soak incool water and then pressing it does not, hang to dry. Iron the fabric of warm iron on the reverse side and insert it into a beautiful mat. Such a product would be a wonderful gift for any holiday.

The following diagram shows a branch of pink orchids. This is truly a work of art. A flower is so beautiful that it is impossible to tear your eyes. You can embroider a pattern as a center, and from any corner of the canvas, that is, everyone does as he sees fit. Due to the fact that the key used by a small number of colors, you correctly cope with the task, not making mistakes.

Do not forget that you can not make anyknots from the wrong side of the web. The stitches should look carefully at both sides in the art of embroidery cross. The end of the thread simply perpetuate a few stitches.

Another picture shows a bouquet of orchidsstanding in a vase. Sami inflorescences are somewhat similar to the wings of butterflies, which were frozen in their flight. It may seem that this is easily doable task, but still have a lot of patience. Stitches in the art of the cross is carried out in two-ply floss. The easiest way to start than with embroidery of flowers and a vase, as the buds themselves to draw very tiring. The main difficulty lies in the central part of the flower embroidery, because it has a lot of shades of pink. Required during the working process, you need to constantly consult with the scheme. For greater convenience, you can observe the marker are the places that you already embroidered. So you quickly orient and find the one sector that has not yet been touched with a needle and thread.

The size of the picture in height of one hundred and thirtyone stitch, and the breadth and ninety-nine stitches. Square 24 products by 18 cm. After the completion of the cross technology, begin embroidering some elements stitch "back needle". They are made in one addition thread, and the color should choose the dark pink.

As you could see, embroidery orchid cross is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. But the finished product is to create it. Because orchids - it is very gorgeous colors.

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