Embroidering Peonies with a Cross in Schemes (video)

Embroidering Peonies with a Cross in Schemes (video)


In needlework, which is called embroidery, there areCertain symbols and conventions. The embroidered peony symbolizes love, therefore such embroidered flowers are accepted to decorate the picture, and hang in the house of young spouses.

Sets for embroidery of pions

Embroidery of pions with a cross is carried out in the same way asAny other flower or object. Now on sale there are special sets for embroidery, mainly of Chinese production. You can order a set with a certain type of image. Pay attention to the video that we are attaching to the lesson, where the set contains a panoramic pion scheme of large size.

In the same set, theInstruction, which must be disassembled and studied before embroidering. There is also a scheme executed in great detail and intelligible. The same scheme is applied to a huge canvas. The set contains organizers with the threads necessary and sufficient for the given cloth. It is very convenient and convenient to purchase such sets. The quality of materials there is very high. The only drawback is that the cross-stitch pattern is provided by the manufacturer. That is, you do not choose a drawing, but take in the work that is purchased.
Each set contains a picture of the finalResult, that is, the picture that will be obtained as a result. There is also an instruction there, which must be studied, especially if you are an inexperienced embroiderer. Read the instructions carefully and thoughtfully, and this will help you in your work.
In addition, the set is necessarily embedded canvasFor embroidery, which can be of different quality and size. For beginners, it is advisable to choose a small embroidery size, until you get a great experience. Experienced embroiderers can afford to take a circuit of any size and complexity.
As for the thread of a mouline for embroidery, inThey are, as a rule, in special organizers, which greatly facilitates the work. If you are just starting to embroider, then you need to purchase exactly this set with the organizer. Organizer is a special cardboard tablet, to which are fastened the threads of a moulin.

Video: Python cross stitch set overview

Schemes in sets for embroidery

And the most important thing in each set isDirectly embroidery scheme. It is a sheet of paper with cages. In these cells there are various symbols, each of which denotes one color of the thread. On the diagram there are additional lines for drawing the shapes of objects and things. Such lines are called the back of the needle, or back stitch.

On the additional sheet of the scheme there is a table with the name of the threads that are contained in the set, as well as those symbols with which the threads are marked on the diagram.

The key to the scheme with the numbers of the DMX is if you wantTo embroider a peony, or a bouquet of peonies, then get such a set for embroidery, where there is a corresponding picture. At the end of work, any embroidery should be washed. For this purpose, you can buy a usual detergent for washing, or shampoo for washing hair with silk extracts. Such a tool will give the threads a silky appearance and a special luster.

Washing of the finished embroidery

Washing the product is necessary to remove the marker from theThe surface of the canvas. As soon as you immerse the work in water, the marker immediately dissolves. Water should be not hot, but warm, no more than 40 degrees. After you have soaked the embroidery, apply a little shampoo, lightly rubbing it with your hand into the fabric. If there are a lot of dirt on the surface of the canvas, or the marker does not leave immediately, then leave your work for a while in the wet state in the sink without water. After that, place it under a jet of water and remove the shampoo.
Clean embroidery can not be pressed in any case. It is best to spread it on a soft terry towel, and wrap the sausage, leaving in this position for an hour. And now carefully iron the embroidery with the iron in the "silk" mode. If the fabric of the canvas is deformed during work, then after ironing it is desirable to pull and pin it to the ironing board, giving the correct shape. Now your beautiful embroidered peonies are ready for final framing.

Patterns for embroidery of peonies