Embroidery of cooks: examples of schemes

Embroidery of cooks: examples of schemes


Kitchen is the place where the whole family gathers forTable and shares impressions of the day passed. The kitchen should be cozy and comfortable, and the original embroideries with a cross will help to decorate it. Many needlewomen try to embroider images of fruits or flowers, and we offer you original and funny schemes for embroidering cheerful cooks.

Embroider for the kitchen funny cooks

For beginners we recommend to buyAlready ready set for embroidering a cross or use the presented collection of schemes on our site. But in any case, you still need to buy colored threads of mulina, canvas and embroidery frame. Embroidery cooks will be represented by a large number of different color shades, since the schemes are filled with different thematic plots.
First of all, you must prepare the canvas forEmbroidery. For beginners this will be a simple beginning of work, since such a matter consists of cells, for which it is easy to embroider a cross. To the edges of the fabric do not crumble, before the start of the working process, sweep them with thread with a needle. After this, it should be noted the center of the canvas, which should be the same with the center of the circuit. Then fix the canvas in the embroidery frame and start the embroidery cook. It is advisable to have such embroidery hoops so as not to embroider the picture in parts, but all at once.

Any image cook can not be embroideredOnly from the center, but also from one of the four corners. For convenience, start embroidery from the right bottom corner. Just make sure that the center of the image does not move. In this case, you should always take the canvas with a small margin. If it has already happened that the fabrics are at your back, then start needlework from the central sector.
Basically, all the embroideries do for two strings. Take the mulina and fold it in half. Insert the needle into the cage so that one thread of the canvas separates it from the middle of the cage. Just do not stretch the entire thread at once. On the front of the canvas should be a loop. Then pull the needle through the middle of the cage to the front side and wind it into the center of the previous loop. Tightening the thread, you will get a neat bundle that will not be completely visible on the fabric.

Be sure to check in the process of working withScheme cook. One cross stitch corresponds to one cell in the diagram. If you embroider cooks in black and white, then the scheme should have icons that correspond to a particular color. In one picture you can combine several cooks. If the drawing is colored, then there must necessarily be a key to it. Unpainted squares are not embroidered, since such an image is not made by complete sewing.
If during the work in the technique of the cross youMade mistakes, better remake them, because they will cook on the finished embroidery, immediately a defect will be visible. To avoid this, be guided by the scheme constantly.
To make the first cross, enter a needle withThe back of the canvas in the left corner, which is located below the square. After that, take the instrument to the front side and enter into the upper corner of the square that is on the right. Then the needle goes from the wrong side to the left upper corner, and then to the person in the right lower corner. In this sequence, you need to embroider cook until the very end. If part of the picture involves embroidering several crosses in one hue, then first make a line of half crosses, and then go back, completing the creation of the full cross. These are not complex movements with a needle, even a beginner can repeat.

The finished product is inserted into the frame after washingAnd hung in the kitchen. Such funny cooks necessarily raise the mood not only to you, but also to your friends who will come to visit for a tea party. The needlewomen of cooks began to enjoy great popularity, as the variety of schemes with their image is amazing. I want to embroider everything, so they are interesting.
We suggest you to look at the gallery for workSchemes, from which you necessarily choose what you like most. Also, such a ready-made and framed embroidery, will be a wonderful gift for any celebration.

Diagrams of funny cook cross