Embroidery with a cord on the clothes of the scheme: ways of decorating things

Embroidery with a cord on the clothes of the scheme: ways of decorating things


Women who thoroughly follow the fashion, notOnce watched on celebrities chic clothes embroidered with decorative patterns in the form of thin laces, reminiscent of a snake. But these handicrafts are quite easy to make by themselves. In Russia, this skill is known as
, And the people call it embroidery cord. This needlework originated in the time of Peter the Great, when the dress was given special attention.

Necessary materials

Embroidery with a cord on clothes is very easy andjust. And the pluses in this handicraft are much more than minuses. In order to engage in this embroidery, you do not need to spend too much on your budget. And if you learn to do it professionally, it is possible that this hobby will start to bring profit. Original embroidered products will find their buyer. To work, you need a small list of materials that can be found in every store:

  • Any hoop;
  • disappearing marker;
  • Cords of different colors, it is desirable that they were made of silk fabric;
  • Monofilament, which will be in the color of the cord;
  • Needles must be thin;
  • scissors;
  • Lighter to handle the edges of the laces;
  • Decorative material for decoration.

Patterns by own hands

Embroidery with a cord on the clothes scheme, now enjoysGreat popularity, especially if the work is done by hand. Since many have a desire to stand out among others for their unique style.
So, what is a cord embroidery? Such work consists in correct laying out a cord on the scheme put on a matter. Then the material is attached to the fabric with a needle and thread using a conventional seam for this. For beginners in this business it is necessary to have imagination, a cognitive lesson of skill and a little patience, especially when it comes to embroidery of clothes. The main thing to do first is to find a suitable scheme and transfer it as accurately as possible to your clothes, and then sew it nicely according to the template.
Over time, when you can adequately decorateNot only your clothes, but the other too, do not limit your skills only on this. Indeed, thanks to such needlework, experienced craftsmen learned how to embroider shoes, bags, household things for the interior and even make exclusive jewelry.

Features of embroidery with a cord according to the scheme

Prepare all the materials for work, applyPattern on the fabric. It can be a variety of floral ornaments and prints that are connected to each other by continuous lines. But at the end of the embroidery, these patterns will acquire a three-dimensional and lively appearance, which looks fashionable and elegant.
To make the cord lay flat on the clothes andCorrect lines, do not rush. Each material has a characteristic notch into which the needle is threaded, and in which all the seams will be made. In embroidery use a simple stitch "back needle", which is known to almost all needlewomen. Therefore, such embroidery will not be difficult.

Needle must be in matter strictly onVertical to prevent the cord from moving. In the process of work, make sure that the thread tension is not too strong, as this will affect the over-stretched material. But sagging must also be avoided. Observe the golden mean in the embroidery on the clothing. When the embroidery pattern of the cord is completed, cut the thread and harness its remaining edge. The main thing is not to forget that you need to treat the end of the main material with a lighter or glue. Another product can be supplemented with bright stones and cabochons, which will add effektnosti and femininity. In this outfit, any woman will feel like a queen, and attract her looks to her clothes.
Clothes, embroidered with a cord, is not easyTo iron, therefore for a decor get a fabric which practically does not crumple. If in this case the fabric crumples, it is necessary to iron from the wrong side, putting a small soft pillow under the clothes. In this case, the decorative cord will not lose its bumpiness.
For clarity, we offer a video lesson that will help you to consolidate the theoretical material you have covered.

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