Storage boxes: 6 decor workshops - Nissu

Storage boxes: 6 decor workshops - Nissu

Decorative boxes will help not only solvethe problem of storage of things, but also diversify the interior. Our review presents simple ideas for home-made boxes for storing small change and step-by-step workshops how to make an organizer for cosmetics, clothes and other small things with your own hands. The content of the article:

    Textile box: master class

    Using simple materials, you can create an original textile product for storing various items. For the manufacture will need a piece of thick fabric. So, the tissue storage box is done in several steps:

    • You will need a cloth with the size of 48 * 43.5 cm.
    • This piece of material has squares cut at four corners, measuring 14 cm by 12 cm.

    The paper makes a pattern. With it, you can mark up to connect the parts of the textile box. The distance between the marks should be 15 cm in length. When performing calculations, you need to make sure that there is enough material for work. Labels can be made using the ruler. Then place the template on top of the material. The marks are cut across the width of the strip of fabric that will be used to stitch the box. Then the strips of fabric are pulled into the holes made.

    • In total, four bands with a width of 0.7 cm and 16 cm in length are required.
    • After tightening the pieces of fabric into the product, they need to be cut off at the top.

    When the box is ready in it you need to put heavy pieces of wood to give the desired shape. Monochromatic fabric or pieces of leather are selected as stitching strips. Roomy and original storage container is ready.

    How to paste a box with paper: master class

    Figure out how to make storage boxes.with your own hands from paper. The cardboard product is a beautiful and simple project for the competent organization of space. Homemade paper box can be made with children, as the manufacture is not very complex. To repeat this master class, you need to prepare the following components:

    • cardboard box for storing shoes;
    • Kraft gift paper;
    • pencils;
    • scissors;
    • line;
    • adhesive solution;
    • rag.

    Kraft paper is shown in the photo. Now consider the process of how to make a beautiful and decorative box:

  • Attach the box to the paper and circle the outlines. Then cut the pieces on each side, leaving a margin of 1-2 cm.
  • For better gluing, make cuts in the corners, as shown in Figure 1.
  • Glue first two opposite sides, and then the rest.
  • The protruding parts of the paper are glued from the inside of the box.
  • The bottom of the box must be carefully glued.
  • Then the box is glued from the inside.
  • ATTENTION: When gluing paper, a rag is used, with the help of which folds and bubbles are leveled. The result is a beautiful box with a smooth and even surface.

    How to decorate with a rope: a master class

    There are different ways how to make a boxfor storage. You can create an original basket for threads, socks, toys or for cosmetics from ordinary cardboard containers. An interesting solution is a product with a rope decor. For the manufacture will require the usual box of cardboard, rope, glue gun. Then proceed to the manufacture of decorative containers: Take the box. Scissors cut the valves from the box. Then wind the rope around the box. In the process, you need to glue every part of the harness.

    • The rope must be glued to the very edge of the box.
    • In order for the product to acquire a complete look, it is necessary to make an insert of light material. The lining fits in and the fabric rolls out.

    Beautiful homemade basket can be used for various interior solutions.

    The design of the box with a cloth

    From the fabric you can make a beautiful and functional box for the home. To repeat the master class you need to prepare the following materials:

    • cardboard box;
    • the cloth;
    • Special glue;
    • decoration pins;
    • tape.

    IMPORTANT: Similar boxes can be made under a certain shelf. They will be pulled out with the help of a special pen. Products should be selected according to the height of the rack or shelf. To sew boxes you need to use material of different shades. Making the box involves the following steps: First cut the fabric for all the boxes. It is necessary to cut pieces for each side with a margin of 1-2 cm. On the edge of the fabric you need to bend 0.5 cm and fix the material with an iron. Then stitch the seams at the bend points with a sewing machine.

  • After that, you can proceed to gluing the canvas on the base of the box. Distribute the adhesive very carefully so that no droplets form on the front parts.
  • The corners on the bottom of the box should be trimmed to tuck the canvas.
  • The fabric is wrapped inside the box. For better fixation, it can be attached using special adhesive strips. The cracks should be attached especially tightly.
  • A beautiful ribbon will help hide uneven edges and firmly fix the canvas.
  • Attach the product handles with decorative pins. For this special tape special strength. And the original drawers on the shelf are ready. They can be used to store small items, folders, or even books. Depending on the size, you can create an ergonomic organizer box. Functional and convenient products can be made in 4-5 hours. When using a plain fabric, the box can be further decorated.

    How to sew a decor for a box of sweaters

    Decorate the space in the house will helpnon-standard ideas, for example, a box for storage from a sweater. For this you will need an old knitwear item, a cardboard box, scissors, a glue gun and ribbons for pens. Wicker elements can also be used as handles. The master class includes the following steps:

  • Cut a suitable piece of fabric from the middle of the sweater, which should cover the box with a margin. The material lies on the perimeter.
  • The cloth is glued to the cardboard base with glue.
  • Knit the edges of the knit fabric inside the box and fix them firmly.
  • Attach the prepared handles on the sides.
  • The result is a stylish thing that fits perfectly into any interior.

    Knitted boxes and baskets

    With a little effort, you can creategorgeous knit storage boxes. Such products are suitable for the interior of any room. The original solution - boxes for a dressing room. Such items will not only decorate the interior, but also make it more functional and practical. They are used to accommodate all sorts of things. Stylish decor can be made by hand. Detailed lessons, as in the photo - on the link! Compact will help to create a cosiness in the kitchen.capacious baskets. To make them need a hook and ribbon knitting yarn. Such products can be used to store nuts, eggs or bakery products. Additional storage tanks will be useful in the bathroom. With their help, you can correctly place all the items. Original baskets can be fixed in one of the corners of the room. Elegant decor is suitable for the decoration of the living room. It can store rugs, books, firewood or bullets from the TV. Such a basket is especially appropriate in the hallway. Inside fit a trifle, bank cards, wallet or keys. Knitted thing looks perfect as a flowerpots for flowers. Bright decorative elements will create original accents in the room. Knitted boxes are best done with a hook. There are a large number of schemes with which you can create an original product. Popular baskets made ofYarn Ribbon or Spaggeti, braid, rope, or knitting yarn. To create a decor, you can choose synthetic or cotton yarn. This material is a continuous narrow tape. Products made of yarn knit in a short time and perfectly keep their shape. The original box is perfect for giving. A basket can be made with or without handles. Knit items can be created from old T-shirts, cut into ribbons. Knitted strips should be pulled in different directions so that the edges are rounded. For work the hook of 10 mm is applied. Knitting basket starts with amigurami ring. For this you need a special scheme. Then mating is performed in a circle.

    Storage box decor ideas

    Now consider the stylish and original ideas of storage baskets. "Fancy boxes can be made from brightwrapping paper. For the manufacture of such a trio will need three different-sized cardboard boxes, decorative ribbons and colorful paper. The cover can be pasted over with paper of a different color. Looks good contrast solution. In the lid on the marks are cut holes in which the tape is passed. The decorative element is tied to a beautiful bow. ” "Convenient storage tanks for small items and lowerLingerie can be made from fabric and lace. Inside the box is divided into compartments of different sizes, depending on the items that will be folded in them. The box is made with thick fabric and decorated with thin braid and lace. ” "Storage boxes can be made from differentmaterials. It can be wickerwork, colorful boxes made of plywood, boxes of old suitcases and cardboard structures decorated with decoupage technique. ” "For storage of yarn made bright boxes fromdifferent fabrics. The material is glued to a cardboard or plastic container. " “Non-standard option for mounting on the wall. Homemade items are used as stallazhey and storage tanks at the same time " “The stylish décor is made from wicker baskets. Boxes of different sizes will fit into any interior. ” “Ergonomic solution made of fabric boxes with lids in the form of a suitcase. Additionally, pens are used. You can make and pockets. “A convenient option for flowers from decorative fabric boxes. The decor can be made of a fabric of the same color or a different shade. ” “For cosmetics, you can make a simple box with pockets. For the manufacture of the fabric used two colors and ordinary tape. " “The compact box can be made of burlap. Such an accessory will perfectly fit into the Provence or Country style interior. ” “Storage containers may have a non-standard form. Additionally, separate compartments are made. ” "You can create whole compositions of storage boxes for any occasion, from fabric or paper of different shades." We hope our review will give you a lot of ideas for creativity.